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Jul 26, 9:40pm

Exceptional Friends of Fallen London enjoy more content, more actions, and more cards in their Opportunity Deck, as… https://t.co/mhdKFWtyUo

Jul 26, 9:35pm

In August's Exceptional Story, calamity has fallen on your lodgings! Cracks and leaks, rats and holes! Uncover a si… https://t.co/1wlN6DJtbd

Jul 26, 9:30pm

Delicious friends, August’s Exceptional Story: Required Repairs by @gavininglis is now available!… https://t.co/C0Pm1kevUy

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August’s Exceptional Story: Required Repairs
Jul 26, 12:00am

Delicious friends, the Exceptional Story for August is here! Calamity has fallen on your lodgings! Cracks and leaks, rats and holes! Uncover a sinister plot interfering with your plumbing and baffle the Borough Council. Required Repairs is the third and final story in the Season of Embers, and was written by Gavin Inglis. This Season […]

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Election 1896: Statistics
Jul 13, 12:00am

As the final pieces of Blythenhale rain down like ash over the city, the Election of 1896 officially closes. While many were sure the Captivating Princess would win, it was the Jovial Contrarian, in his second run, who grasped victory. It was quite the turnaround from the Election of 1894, where the Jovial Contrarian lost […]

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Mysteries: marking and rewards
Jul 12, 12:00am

On the 17th of July – next Tuesday, probably around noon – we will be closing the Mysteries, putting to rest only the second round of Neathy investigations in Fallen London’s history. To join in the fun, visit the Mysteries tab (whilel logged in to Fallen London) and take a guess at the questions therein. […]

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