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Dec 27, 10:30pm

January’s Exceptional Story, The Price of Loss, by @bravemule is now available! https://t.co/q38zBInenF https://t.co/WV9X5KPQ8B

Dec 27, 4:35pm

January’s Exceptional Story, The Price of Loss, by @bravemule is now available! https://t.co/q38zBIEPMf https://t.co/J6wazNb0IL

Dec 27, 12:57pm

Exceptional Friends enjoy more content, more actions, and more cards in their Opportunity Deck, as well as access t… https://t.co/XTjqIxI0u6

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January’s Exceptional Story: The Price of Loss
Dec 27, 12:00am

Delicious friends, the first Exceptional Story of 2019 is here! Enter a tent where the lost, the grieving and the wounded gather. Share their stories, enter their dreams, and reveal the truth behind their healing rituals. Is the medicine really better than the cure? The Price of Loss is the second story in the Season of […]

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A New Premium Festive Story: The Ceremony
Dec 19, 12:00am

This year’s premium festive story is now available for purchase! The Ceremony is a festive tale of rubbery romance by Cass Khaw. A spate of exquisite and unpleasant transformations sweeps London: new Rubbery enhancements of a drastic degree. What lies behind the tentacles? What secrets are hidden within the spiraling bones? Who is the Gilded Sacrifice? The […]

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Christmas in the Neath 1896
Dec 1, 12:00am

It’s Christmastime in the Neath—even the rats’ eyes have a certain festive glow. ADVENT CALENDAR From today until Christmas day, visiting the Fallen London Advent Calendar from midday will reward you with a gift, or something like one. Click once to open the door for that day, and then click again to receive your prize! […]

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