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Dec 14, 12:01pm

Ahahaha... Excuse me. We do beg your pardon. 'Ho ho ho.' The Fallen London Advent Calendar is full of Neathy Chris… https://t.co/DAMcD0KOkK

Dec 14, 9:41am

Sunless Skies is 50% off in the @GOGcom Winter Sale! It contains: 🌟 Steam trains, in Victorian gothic space 🌟 Nigh… https://t.co/dHjMCzrDDm

Dec 13, 12:01pm

Clanging and scraping noises from below jar you from sleep... The Fallen London Advent Calendar is full of Neathy… https://t.co/3sCdRFXCtV

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We’re working on the Ambition conclusions.
Dec 6, 12:00am

We just thought you’d like to know: we’re working on the concluding parts to all of the ambitions in Fallen London. This was revealed in our first Q&A with our writers on our new Discord; you can read the whole Q&A session to find out what else we covered. We expect to do more Q&As […]

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The Exceptional Story for November is here!
Oct 31, 12:00am

Something is rotten in the state of London. An old man refuses to go gracefully to the Tomb-Colonies. He claims to have unfinished business. Delve into secrets best left buried and uncover the last regret of a once brilliant servant. The Committee is the final story in the Season of Propinquity, and was written by […]

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Hallowmas 1897
Oct 24, 12:00am

The gaslamps flicker in the street. Sensible Londoners draw their curtains close and bank their fires high in their hearths. The Season of Hallowmas is here. Hallowmas has returned to London! The Feast of Masks! A free festival, open to all citizens. Hallowmas is a time of licence and liberty, when Londoners are permitted to […]

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