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Aug 3, 3:39pm

We apologise for the downtime over the weekend. We had intermittent database issues and are working to prevent it h… https://t.co/vSAnAxt2oF

Aug 3, 2:32pm

Thank you for all your feedback regarding last week's changes to restrictions on outfits. In response to it, we hav… https://t.co/l7bpMWbJKm

Jul 29, 9:00pm

London has decided – your new Lord Mayor is the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle! https://t.co/XpEZWj4OEn https://t.co/iEN1ep1wrh

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Update to Outfits in Fallen London
Jul 29, 12:00am

Today we’re introducing some changes to the way Outfits work in Fallen London. UPDATE: See the end of this post! You are now able to purchase additional Outfits with Fate. Exceptional Friends now receive two extra Outfits as part of their subscription. The maximum number of Outfits you can have is now ten! We’re removing […]

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The Mayoral Election 1898
Jul 13, 12:00am

A hustings stands in Hastings Square, festooned with bright banners and garish posters. From some, F.F. Gebrandt looks down with reassuring confidence. Others bear the regal features of the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle – as she appears in the Is-Not, rather than London. Others bear the remarkably-true to life image of the Tentacled Entrepreneur […]

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Election 1898 comes to Fallen London, 13th – 24th July
Jul 3, 12:00am

It’s Election season in Fallen London, and three noted Londoners have put their hats in the ring (sadly the hat is literal in only one case)! The festival begins on the 13th of July. Use the first week of Election to find out about the candidates and their platforms, and through cards in your Opportunity […]

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