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Oct 16, 9:21pm

London is awash with fresh blooms! Society youths conspire in the language of flowers - but can you understand what… https://t.co/pgmvI7mqBP

Oct 16, 2:50pm

Interested in games marketing, community or PR? Come to the Careers Fair at #EGX2019 and ask @itshannahflynn your… https://t.co/eY9bMaIjXc

Oct 16, 2:43pm

Announcing: an announcement! @EGX on Saturday, watch @chgardiner and @jamesstanthony discuss our writing process a… https://t.co/qwL5zenndO

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The Exceptional Story for October: Say it with Flowers
Sep 26, 12:00am

London is awash with fresh flowers! Is it a passing floral fad, or does something rotten lurk beneath the petals? Intercept coded bouquets, spy on spies, and investigate intrigue along the Cumaean Canal. Say it With Flowers is the second story in the Season of Propinquity, and was written by Olivia Wood. In this season […]

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The Fruits of the Zee Festival is here!
Aug 19, 12:00am

Look out your rod and reel: the Fruits of the Zee Festival is upon us! The festival begins today, 19th August, and will end on the 30th. As summer winds down, enjoy calming fishing trips and indulge in a cornucopian repast of delights plucked fresh from the bounteous Zee. Hire a fishing boat, land a […]

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The Mayoral Election winner announced!
Jul 29, 12:00am

All the votes have been tallied. London has decided: Virginia, the devil-adventurer, will be London’s new Mayor! A chorus of gasps, cries and ragged cheers go up as Virginia steps forward to greet her new constituents. Her eyes are alight and her smile is bright as a red dawn as she basks in her triumph. […]

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