Fallen London App Retirement FAQ

Last updated 20th February 2018


Why are you shutting down the Fallen London app?
Despite our best efforts, the Fallen London app isn’t what we’d hoped it would be. Every update we make to the game needs to be duplicated for the app, and being at the mercy of changes to the Apple and Google Play stores is time-consuming and unpredictable work.


When will the Fallen London app officially shut down?
This will happen in stages.

We will be removing the Fallen London app from the App and Google Play Stores on 26th February. If you’ve already downloaded the game you’ll still be able to play, but we recommend syncing and switching over to browser as soon as possible. On 23rd March we will remove the option to purchase anything in the app (ie. Fate, Exceptional Friendship etc.) from the App Store. Due to technical reasons the Android app will continue to allow purchases, but we would heed users not to make any purchases after 23rd March, otherwise you may need to contact us for a refund.

Then, on 25th April we will completely remove/delete the app from iOS devices (Android users will need to delete the app from their own devices) and disconnect the app from our servers. At this point Fallen London will no longer be playable via the app.


What should I do if I want to keep playing Fallen London?
Fallen London will still be available to play at fallenlondon.com (in fact, there’s a big update going in to modernise its look and feel!).

If you’d like to keep playing via the web version, we’d recommend switching from the app to browser play as soon as possible. Before doing so, we recommend that you manually sync your mobile game to make sure all the progress you’ve made carries over, then start playing on the web only.

To sync, tap the candle button at the bottom of the screen.


Can I use the same account?
You can: accounts are cross-platform.


What will happen to all the items/Fate/content that I have purchased on mobile?
All your stories, items, Fate, and progress will be accessible via the web game too, as long as you’ve synced the game before the app closes.  (And if you haven’t, you’ll still have access to everything from the last time you synced.)


What will happen to my Exceptional Friendship?
On 23rd March we’ll be removing the option to purchase Exceptional Friendship through mobile, and all subsequent purchases of Exceptional Friendship will have to be made via the web.

After we remove the option to purchase Exceptional Friendship through the app, anyone who’s purchased 1-month renewable subscriptions through the app will have the remaining month until the 25th April official app shutdown to allow their subscription to finish.

Android users with auto-renewing subscriptions who do not plan to continue by playing on the web should contact us as soon as possible on/after 23rd of March so we can issue you a refund.

For the few players that have oodles of months due to previously purchasing 6 or 12-month app subscriptions, these will work as intended until they eventually run out. However, if you have any questions please feel free to message us at mobilesupport@failbettergames.com along with your Character Name.


I’m a mobile-only player; how can I get a refund for one of my purchases?
Apple users will have to request refunds via Apple: we have no control over refunds ourselves.

Android users should contact us at mobilesupport@failbettergames.com with their Google Play receipts for any purchases they want refunded.


One of the reasons I don’t play on Browser is because of the limited payment options. Will you offer any other choices?
We are interested in hearing which specific payment methods you’d prefer using. If there are methods we don’t use that you would prefer, please let us know at mobilesupport@failbettergames.com. We can’t make any promises that we’d be able to implement these, but if there’s a high consensus from players we’d be happy to investigate to see if we can make it possible.

One of the bits I like about the app best is the music. Will that disappear? 
The Fallen London soundtrack is always available to stream (or purchase) on Bandcamp!