Election 1896 Candidate: The Jovial Contrarian

By Haley Uyrus, June 18, 2018 · Fallen London

Feducci’s term is through! London requires a new Mayor! Whom will you support?

He ran for Mayor once before; this time he is running on the opposite platform. No one was expecting the Jovial Contrarian to try again, least of all himself.


His platform is a restoration of London to a city of order, a devotion to the rule of law; a city for the just, the virtuous and the wise. His motto is: “Pull Yourselves Together!” He propels himself along at the heart of his motley alliance, surrounded by burly Constables, well-heeled shopkeepers, grocers, pub-landlords and the occasional confused anarchist.

As he says in an extensive interview with Mr Huffam, “I woke up one morning in my bath and found I was absolutely furious! How could I have been so wrong? There was nothing for it but to run against my own ideals!”

Use the first week of London to investigate The Jovial Contrarian and the other candidates, as well as their platforms. More information on Election 1896 can be found in the Main Announcement thread.

Want to learn more about this candidate?

We’d recommend the Exceptional Story, The Calendar Code by Gavin Inglis. And if you’re a Person of Some Importance, the Elegant Party.

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