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Winner of The Escapist’s Best Browser Game, 2009

“Set in an ineffable, Gothic-Victorian London three quarters of the way to hell, the game bristles with style, incredible prose and Lovecraftian references.”

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“The best words in all of gaming.”

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Jul 3, 9:48pm

We crowdsourced a description of Sunless Skies from Twitter and Discord: "A peculiarly loquacious gay horror comed… https://t.co/sLKU6N1fcH

Jul 3, 2:29pm

The Tentacled Entrepreneur promises to open a salon devoted to a Renaissance of Rubbery Culture in Fallen London!… https://t.co/VZu3vYuYxv

Jul 2, 8:58pm

Visit the Clockwork Sun in Sunless Skies, now 60% off in the Steam Summer Sale "The floor shudders in time with th… https://t.co/1wYmTNm6Vu

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Election 1898 comes to Fallen London, 13th – 24th July
Jul 3, 12:00am

It’s Election season in Fallen London, and three noted Londoners have put their hats in the ring (sadly the hat is literal in only one case)! The festival begins on the 13th of July. Use the first week of Election to find out about the candidates and their platforms, and through cards in your Opportunity […]

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Whitsun has arrived!
May 11, 12:00am

Whitsun is here: a new festival in Fallen London! Eggs have abruptly appeared all over London – in bath tubs, balanced on chimneys, nestled in sofas, tucked in the holds of docked ships. And they’re vast ones, the size of a beer barrel, an over-rounded dog, a prize-winning marrow. Acquire an egg. Apply augmentations to […]

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Exceptional Story for March: Shade of Yesterday
Feb 27, 12:00am

Artists and the literati rejoice — a pen show visits London! Nibs as numerous as a battalion’s bayonets! Inks, in all the wild colours of the Neath! Try them to your hearts content! What’s that? Rumours of stolen memories? Utter nonsense. Come, and look at all the lovely pens. Shades of Yesterday is the first […]

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