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Mar 23, 10:25pm

Next Thursday will reveal April's Exceptional Story: The Heart, the Devil and the Zee by @babelfishwars and @JamesStAnthony!

Mar 23, 10:20pm

Delicious friends, if you're planning on saving March's Exceptional Story for a later date, here is your exceptionally friendly reminder!

Mar 23, 4:05pm

Delicious friends! Sunless Sea is now officially available on the iPad! https://t.co/wse9FfCLdc https://t.co/h9O4jG676s

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Exceptional Stories and Where to Find Them
Feb 24, 12:00am

As you may have noticed, we’ve been trialing different ways to present a season of Exceptional Stories. After experimenting, we’ve settled on a method that will allow us to keep the linked Exceptional Stories for each season together in one place. From now on, Exceptional Stories of the current season can be unlocked through the […]

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March Exceptional Story: The Clay Man’s Arm
Feb 23, 12:00am

Delicious friends, the Exceptional Story for March is here! Deep in the Clay Quarter, someone is experimenting with flesh and clay. By sawing limbs and swapping organs, they probe the boundaries of both substance and class. Will you seek out this scholar and his collection of ghastly subjects? The Clay Man’s Arm is the first […]

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Feast of the Exceptional Rose 1895
Feb 6, 12:00am

Today marks the beginning of The Feast of the Exceptional Rose! It is a season of love and heartbreak, passion and secrets! It is the season of wooing and gift-giving! Along with the ability to divorce, the year 1895 brings back the freedom to marry as well! The tax has been lifted! As well as […]

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