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Jul 21, 6:13pm

Sunless Sea is 70% off this weekend on GOG as part of the CoxCon Collection! https://t.co/YIpKkgt8th

Jul 21, 3:05pm

Join us on the FBG Podcast! Today we'll be discussing art and production in Sunless Skies https://t.co/e3ryJ7as7I

Jul 21, 2:53pm

Just a few minutes until the FBG Podcast - stream's up! https://t.co/e3ryJ7as7I

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Fallen London Reworks: Mysteries Tab
Jul 17, 12:00am

Once again, we invite you to speculate on the secrets of Fallen London. Some mysteries are easy, others are esoteric, and some have yet to be revealed. Beginning today at 12:00pm, until 17th July 2018, the Mysteries Tab will return, revived from its close in January 2014. Try your hand at solving new mysteries about […]

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Election 1895: A Winner Announced!
Jul 10, 12:00am

A Winner is Announced! Feducci claims victory with nearly half the vote! He steps forward, offering the crowd a regal wave. Thundering roars of approval hail his victory. “Victory, then?” He nods down to the roaring crowd, “It was never in question, only the margin. London is in for a most exciting year.” There will […]

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Election 1895: Polls Leaked!
Jul 3, 12:00am

Polls leaked! Feducci gallops ahead, but will his arrogance be his undoing? The Detective trails behind. Will purging her ranks of the corrupt and brutal give room for new support? And though the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner holds her course, her chances seem slim; but now that the pariahs of London society have found self-belief and […]

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