This is about where we are right now!


Sailing – Speed boost and ship balance still needs tuning.
Survival – Established; tuning.
Exploration - Established; tuning.
UI - Mostly complete.
World - It’s a big old world, and the hand-crafted effects and textures take time to do.
Combat - Completely reworked; more balance and polish to come.
Music - This is sounding awesome, but there will be changes, no doubt.
Sound - It’s in; it needs more work.
Economy & Trade - The bones are there, but we want to add more
Ambitions & Legacies - Needs more fiction, needs more functionality
Fiction - Again, it’s a big old world. There’s about 150K words in there – we’ll probably end up with almost 250K, more than two novels worth.
Phenomena - Waiting on weather. Odd and exotic things present.
Optimisation - “But it’s only 2D!” It is, but it has a lot of 2D art and a lot of textures. We’re working on ways to make it leaner, but it’ll take a bit of time.

ROAD MAP – last updated 7th January

EXPLORERS’ BETA –  Released 29th April.
RUBY – released 21st May.  Stability, major survival system upgrades, and the islands of Shepherd’s Wash.
AMETHYST – released 5th June. Combat and beastie spawning upgrades, the isles around the Sea of Voices, and Void’s Approach, where Mt Nomad waits…
GOLD – our soft-launch Early Access release on 17th June. A shiny new combat UI, a new save mode, more content and the Khanate at the heart of the Unterzee.
CORSAIR’S GOLD – our Steam Early Access release on 1st July.  Our Steam Early Access release on 1st July. Darkness management improvements, story interface upgrade, tyrant-moths and the Watching Eye…
EMERALD - released late July. Map shuffling,  the Iron Republic, the Sea of Autumns, the Mangrove College. [More sophisticated legacies, additional beasties deferred.]
STEEL – released early October. A release focused primarily on the combat experience (including beastie AI and behaviour), but including a rather stunning array of islands.
CARNELIAN - released late October. Combat with multiple enemies, interface improvements, and additional equipment. Saviour’s Rocks, the Promised Sea where the Fathomking holds court, and the South: Carnelian Coast and Dawn’s Edge. (The Aquamarine release has been divvied up between STEEL and this one.)
SAPPHIRE –  released late November. More complex and generous Legacies, neutral vessels.  Many more icons.
DIAMOND – start January. Wandering weather phenomena.The Sea of Statues and the Crying Heights. The East: Irem and the Pillared Sea, the Empire of Hands, Frostfound and the sun-touched Calumnies. [At this point, the map is basically complete, although there’s still content absent from some areas.]
PEARL6 February. Sunless Sea exits early access. Optimisations, polish, final tweaks and missing content pass.

After that, we’ll take a break, then get cracking on the underwater expansion.