Sunless Skies


Sunless Skies is a Gothic Horror roleplay game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Sunless Sea


Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown! Sunless Sea is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

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Fallen London

Thirty years ago, London was stolen. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped…

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Failbetter Games

Purveyors of only the finest examples of interactive narrative – Failbetter are an independent games studio, creating games and stories mostly set in the Fallen London Universe. At present there’s Fallen London itself, a highly acclaimed Victorian fantasy RPG set in a unique subterranean city, and Sunless Sea, an exploration and trading game set in a vast underground ocean of the same world.

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The Art of Mask of the Rose: Bringing the Characters to Life
Mar 3, 12:00am

We decided pretty early in Mask of the Rose pre-production that we wanted the characters to appear solid and painterly. There were three main reasons for this: -We wanted to distinguish the look of the game from other visual novels, which tend towards line drawing and flat shading. -We were aiming for a visual style […]

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Exceptional Story for March: The Thing That Came in From the Fog
Feb 25, 12:00am

An uninvited visitor appears in the fog. He seeps into your lodgings and occupies the bathtub; he spills crumbs on your carpet and tea on your favourite chair. What does this fog-man want – and how can you get him to leave? And why is he so fixated on chess? Written by Harry Tuffs Art by […]

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London’s Social Calendar after the Feast of the Rose
Feb 22, 12:00am

The Feast of the Rose is now entirely over, and Lilac is no longer available to accept Masquing. What to look forward to next? Through early March, we’ll be continuing to make small updates and improvements, but the next major new event in Fallen London will be the Parabolan War. Elected as Lord Mayor in […]

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Mar 5, 10:00pm

There are positives to society being turned upside down... #MaskoftheRose

Mar 5, 6:25pm

The next #MaskoftheRose stretch goal is for a sixth protagonist origin - Scholar of the Occult! This gives you an i…

Mar 5, 6:12pm

Farewell, noble stretch goal – our time together is at an end. The deviless Virginia will now grace #MaskoftheRose

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