A Sightseer’s Guide to Sunless Sea, part five

By Adam Myers, July 10, 2014 · Sightseer's Guide

Being a handy series of illustrated guides for voyagers of the Unterzee. Not tried Sunless Sea yet? Get it here.

The Bound Shark


The most tormented of zee-beasts. Its murderous eyes peep from its caged flesh like convicts begging release.

The Angler Crab


 “We long hypothesised, from the still-glimmering corpse of this vast decapod, that it guised itself as a distant light, to lure its prey close. We discovered, eventually, that it simply pursues its prey across the zee with happy zeal. It evinces, also, a regrettable turn of speed.”

The Lifeberg


Those – rifts – in the Lifeberg’s surface. Are they mouths? Lifebergs do not breathe. They kill from malice, not hunger. But they speak. Dear Christ, they speak.

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Jarenth Jul 10, 4:26pm

I'll be honest: I haven't been as happy in a while as I was the time I figured out that I knew how to defeat Lifebergs. Bloody biting ice humps. Icebergs shouldn't bite, it's just not right.