Enriching the Reach: GANYMEDE

June 20, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Now that we’ve spent some sprints building the Reach, GANYMEDE is where we begin adding flesh to the skeleton we’ve constructed. Art have continued their construction of ports, officers, locomotives and worked on improving the docking platforms. The content team outlined the next area of the High Wilderness: Albion. Tech have been busy implementing wrath, […]

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Populating the Reach: FORTUNE

June 6, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

Our latest sprint FORTUNE continues the work of populating the Reach! Both character creation and character progression specs have been designed. Meanwhile, Tech was focused on finalising the storylet service, a fundamental piece of code which enables the player to interact with stories in-game. Both Art and Content have been continuing their work on filling […]

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Sunless Skies Closed Alpha

May 23, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

In order to help us find and fix bugs during Sunless Skies development, we will be holding a closed alpha, beginning 5th June! GOALS This alpha will help us find technical bugs and discover initial player experience within the framework of Sunless Skies. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT If you are interested in being involved with […]

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Populating the Reach: EXOGENESIS

May 23, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

Our EXOGENESIS sprint is our first specific pass at populating the Reach, which means working on its denizens from officers to the agents you’ll encounter in the skies. Our art team, which has recently doubled, continued their work on ports, brought some agents to life, and created our first pass art pass over the UI. […]

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Combat in the Reach: DARK MATTER

May 8, 2017 · Sunless Skies

In DARK MATTER we foray further into combat! Tech have been busy plotting enemy behavior and implementing pathfinding. Meanwhile, our writers have continued spinning tales for the ports within the Reach. This sprint, we also welcome a new artist to our team—Toby!   ART First off, a very warm and exceptional welcome to our new […]

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Combat in the Reach: CHROMOSPHERE

April 25, 2017 · Sunless Skies

CHROMOSPHERE brings us our first animations and our first pass at quite a few complex tasks! We also get to see different terrain types within the Reach, animations for the player’s locomotive (so much steam!), and a few AI agent animations. Tech has been busy with our first-pass at combat implementation, title screens, storylet-UI, and […]

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Sunless Skies Development Roadmap

April 19, 2017 · Sunless Skies

If you’ve been with us since the early days of Sunless Sea development, you’ll remember there was a Sunless Sea development roadmap. The roadmap allows players to see where we currently are in development, as well as where we’re headed. You can now find the Sunless Skies Development Roadmap on our website! We’ll be updating […]

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Travel Through the Reach Part III: BIG BANG

April 11, 2017 · Pre-Production Sunless Skies

The final sprint in March is BIG BANG! This sprint features quite a bit of work from our writers, as they begin to shape Sunless Skies with names and descriptions of sky-beasts and different vessel classifications. You may have heard us mention bees before as well, which Paul has brought to life. Tech have also […]

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Through the Reach part II: APHELION

March 28, 2017 · Sunless Skies

The second sprint in March, APHELION Pt 2, features an art terrain pipeline, a new port, character progression, and further work on implementing fuel and hunger within the game UI. This sprint also included some changes to the Terror mechanic. ART Paul has been working on a terrain pipeline that will allow us to have a […]

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Travel Through the Reach Part I: APHELION

March 15, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

March’s first Sunless Skies sprint is APHELION. This sprint focuses on The Reach: the first region in Sunless Skies, where you will begin your journey. It also involves big chunks of setup for later regions: hunger, death, time, fuel – all of the basic building blocks of our game. Design and Gameplay Mac has been trialing a […]

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