Sunless Skies Now Available on Early Access

August 30, 2017 · Sunless Sea Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies is now available for Early Access on Steam and Games in Development on GOG! We are delighted to invite you from the depths of the Unterzee to join us in the gusty, undiscovered vaults of the High Wilderness. The stars are dying; they leave behind territories rich in secrets and opportunity. Explore the […]

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Heading Out of the Reach: LONGAEVI

August 29, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Since our Early Access / Games in Development launch is just around the corner—18:00 BST 30th August (!)—we thought we’d go into a bit more detail about what you can initially expect in Sunless Skies. What to Expect Our initial version for the Early Access release will include one of the four game regions: the […]

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Heading Out of the Reach: KEPLER

August 15, 2017 · Sunless Skies

The KEPLER sprint brings us ever closer to Early Access / Games in Development. It warmed us to our core to see such excitement about the release date of the open beta for Sunless Skies. While there are still many new bits and bobs being worked on for the Reach and a some new tasks […]

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Enriching the Reach: JANSKY

August 1, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Our JANSKY sprint leads us to a very special announcement—Sunless Skies is coming to Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development the 30th of August! With that in mind, all teams have of course been working on buffing, polishing and bug fixing the Reach, our initial area for Early Access / Games in Development. […]

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Enriching the Reach: INVARIANTHEORIE

July 18, 2017 · Sunless Skies

The INVARIANTHEORIE sprint continues our work at fleshing out the Reach ahead of Early Access. Art has been finishing up ports while also delving into even more ambiences, icons and decorations. Meanwhile Content have been working on experience accrual designs and working on Kickstarter backer rewards such as Correspondence and geographical location names. Tech have […]

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Enriching the Reach: HYPERGALAXY

July 3, 2017 · Sunless Skies

The HYPERGALAXY sprint finds us continuing to enrich the Reach. Art have finished their first pass at all the ports of the Reach and started on Ambiences, Decorations and a UI pass. Meanwhile, Content have written a tutorial specifically for Early Access, created a system to track faction conflict in New Winchester and created base […]

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Enriching the Reach: GANYMEDE

June 20, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Now that we’ve spent some sprints building the Reach, GANYMEDE is where we begin adding flesh to the skeleton we’ve constructed. Art have continued their construction of ports, officers, locomotives and worked on improving the docking platforms. The content team outlined the next area of the High Wilderness: Albion. Tech have been busy implementing wrath, […]

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Populating the Reach: FORTUNE

June 6, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

Our latest sprint FORTUNE continues the work of populating the Reach! Both character creation and character progression specs have been designed. Meanwhile, Tech was focused on finalising the storylet service, a fundamental piece of code which enables the player to interact with stories in-game. Both Art and Content have been continuing their work on filling […]

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Sunless Skies Closed Alpha

May 23, 2017 · Alpha Sunless Skies

In order to help us find and fix bugs during Sunless Skies development, we will be holding a closed alpha, beginning 5th June! GOALS This alpha will help us find technical bugs and discover initial player experience within the framework of Sunless Skies. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT If you are interested in being involved with […]

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