A secret about the Masters

March 9, 2017 · Kickstarter Sunless Skies

The following information is derived from two highly controversial sources. The first was an end-of-term paper entitled On the Origins and Descent of the Masters. It was written by a Benthic student, who claimed it was based on rubbings taken from a lost Second City inscription. Her paper (along with the rest of the class’s […]

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The Royal Society

March 3, 2017 · Narrative Sunless Skies

We are genuinely delighted that our fun idea for a port which grew as we received more backers to the Sunless Skies Kickstarter has come to fruition. Here is the complete breakdown of everything unlocked for the port through your support. Thank you! Part I: The Royal Society The once-moribund Royal Society of inventors, explorers, […]

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7 Facts About Our Next Game

September 24, 2016 · Sunless Skies

If you’ve been watching our live interview from EGX this afternoon, you will have heard the exciting news: Our next game, the sequel to Sunless Sea, will be called Sunless Skies, and we’re doing a Kickstarter for it in February next year! There’s very little we can say at this early stage, but to whet […]

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