Blog comment policy

We welcome comments, with the proviso that this is our private space and commenters are guests in it. Guests are welcome, but we reserve the right to moderate comments which are aggressive or personally offensive (especially racist, homophobic, all those things); are better suited to other channels (please don’t comment on a post about narrative theory to ask when an Ambition will be updated); are deliberately provocative or trollish; are likely to get us sued by bigger, scarier companies; are factually inaccurate; are irrelevant or superfluous; are sock-puppet postings; or contain an obviously fictitious email address, eg Email addresses are only visible to FBG, and we don’t share them with anyone else. This is a basic threshold of non-trollishness and a way for us to communicate with commenters. Feel free to use an alternative or anonymous email address as long as it’s a working one.

(Acknowledgement: this policy is loosely based on the one on Crooked Timber, a very different sort of blog with which we have no affiliation.)