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There are now at least six Echo Bazaar wikis out there and a substantial passel of fan projects. A number of these projects have politely contacted us to ask if we mind our content being used: so to save us rewriting the same email, here’s the policy, on both text and images.

We consider reproduction of our content in a wiki to be fair use, as long as it’s a guide to get around the game and not a content dump – and as long as it’s not for profit. Specifically we ask that
(1) the site includes a copyright notice: ‘All material here is (c) Failbetter Games 2010, used by permission.’
(2) the site includes a link back to
(3) spoilers are clearly marked
(4) the site doesn’t include any premium, Fate-locked content. Sharing this stuff is like uploading a novel you bought to the web so everyone else can read it for free: it takes bread out of the author’s mouth. So please don’t do that.
On fan fiction. Our attitude is basically, we love that you love us. We ask you to link back to the site and acknowledge the original work, of course.  The content team don’t usually read or link to fan fiction (to safeguard against the small but nuclear possibility of someone claiming we’ve used original ideas they’ve put in the fanfic, and suing us…) but we’re really glad that people like living in Fallen London, and want to share their stories.
If you’ve got an exotic fan project that doesn’t seem to fit these guidelines, please mail us at echobazaar [at] and ask. We generally say yes, unless it’s a for-profit venture, in which case we’ll say, let’s talk terms. :-)
Thanks folks. Have a delicious Christmas.
[EDIT: added the point about for-profit activity being different.]
[Copied this to a page linked from the sidebar.]


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Alexis Feb 1, 5:42am

Tonko - a few quotes with a link credit are just fine.

Tonko Jan 29, 12:50am

I am not sure if posting favourite quotes on my Livejournal qualifies as a fan project? I just wanted to keep some of the bits of text I like best in a place I can reread them, since a lot of results of my actions don't appear very often, or sometimes only once. Plus showing off the awesomeness to people on my friends list. I just put one quote up, then remembered this post and realized that might not be okay with you guys (I do link to the game site, and include the author in my post. I ABSOLUTELY want anyone to reads it to go find out where it came from).

Abe Jan 6, 7:07am

Well, this isn't quite a comment on the current blog post. But I must say... I've just completed watchful book 2, and the resolution very nearly moved me to tears. Amazing job you people are doing here.

Meems Dec 27, 5:50am

Thank you for posting this. It makes me very happy that you have such a friendly attitude towards fan projects - in particular I think your stance on fanfiction is a good one.

Alexis Dec 23, 3:54pm

Hi Reviarda, This is a good point, and I'm glad you raised it. Three things. Firstly, the reward often *is* the spoiler. You get Connected: Masters by selling the mysterious cheese? Ooh, then Mr Milk must be behind it! etc. Secondly, we don't want to get tied up in adjudicating what's right and what's not. We want to issue a simple guideline that people can stick to easily. But thirdly, the habit in the games industry with selling extra content is to bribe players to get new content by giving them crass in-game advantages. Buy a Dragon Age expansion, double your inventory space, that sort of thing. That's not us. We do sell some in-game advantages for Fate (eg the Menace reduction) but above all we're in the business of selling stories. If you're only buying Fate-locked content to get extra bling, you're going to be disappointed more often than not.

Reviarda Dec 23, 3:28pm

Hi! First of all, I love your game. I understand your reasons for not wanting anyone to post Fate-locked content. When it comes to the text/story, I quite agree. But don't you think that players have the right to know what they will get for their money (quality increase, items)? Should not it be OK to post rewards (not text) for a Fate-locked option? I think you will lose customers by hiding this information - many people are reluctant to spend their Fate on getting some unknown and potentially unwanted rewards. Delicious Christmas to you too.