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By Failbetter, July 9, 2015 · Failbetter Suggests

It can be really hard for good indie games to get noticed. Really hard. We know, because we’ve climbed the slippery glass mountain ourselves, to the point where we have a little bit of a platform. So we’re experimenting suggesting and recommending other indie games,  in the ad spot on Fallen London where we normally advertise our own stuff.

We’re doing this now because Jordan Thomas asked us if we had any advice about how to manage the transition from Early Access to full release with his game The Magic Circle – because we did pretty well with Sunless Sea – and we thought, what the hell, we can help.

Jordan does amazing work – he was creative director on Bioshock 2, he designed the legendary Cradle level on Thief 3, and his first indie project is a really, really clever idea.

Advertising other indies isn’t about making us money. This is more a pay-it-forward, recommend kinda thing. And we’ll only do it with the kind of intelligent, story-centric games that we think we, and our community, will like.



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Trung Nguyen Aug 28, 4:14pm

I found the game through Steam, just happened to come across Sunless Sea and then that led to Fallen London, and now I'm a subscriber lol. Good art and read though. I plan on going for a while in Fallen London before playing Sunless Sea, I hear there are neat references. Point is, perhaps more advertising on Steam wouldn't be a bad idea. Also, get an official Facebook page up if it doesn't bust the bank.

RandomWalker Jul 9, 7:08pm

Thanks for recommending this. I passed it by, but didn't realise that the guy who did the Cradle level in Thief and Fort Frolic level in Bioshock was involved. Those two levels are amongst the most intense I've played in any game.

Theus Jul 9, 6:44pm

Bravo. I noticed this and wanted to find the appropriate way to say "I like what you're doing here." This seems like a good spot to say so. This fits well with your approach of "treat your customers ethically" and showing others it can be done in the free-to-play space. Instead of adding an additional "ad" you replaced it for maximum impact and empathy. (I'm grateful to not have babelfishwars as my editor after that last sentence.) I hope this works out well for all involved.