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By Hannah Flynn, May 28, 2015 · Android Fallen London iOS

Fallen London is available on Android and iOS!

The app is free to play, offering in-app purchases for premium stories, actions and other delicious perks. It syncs with players’ existing Fallen London characters, and support offline play.

Stay in touch with us via your platform of choice for the latest news about the release:

Facebook | Failbetter Twitter| Echobazaar Twitter |  YouTube | Tumblr | Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use to play?

Currently, the game is available via the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets with OS 4.0 or higher, or on the App Store for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch with iOS 9.1 or higher.

How do I sync/save my progress?

This happens automatically about once every ten minutes – you’ll see a big ‘syncing character’ screen pop up, so you’ll know! If you’d like to prompt a manual sync, tap the candle icon at the bottom centre of the screen and then tap the ‘Sync your progress’ button. It’s important to note that you will need to manually sync your progress if you are switching from mobile to browser.

Will my current character work on the app?

Yes, they will. Their actions will be reflected on both the app and the website, if you use both.

Will subscriptions and premium purchases cost the same?

Yes, they will work the same way for both the browser and mobile versions.

Can I play both at the same time?

What, simultaneously? You’ll confuse your character, and not in the fun way. Syncing progress from browser to mobile will mean that you can’t play both of them at exactly the same time.

Will it support offline play?

Yes! In order to save your progress the app will sync regularly, but you’ll be able to play a whole action bank.  If you want to know when you will next sync, you can tap the candle icon at the bottom of the app.

Can you change the text size?

You can change the text size by going to the ‘Settings’ page to select your preferred text size.

Is there music?

Yes! New music, from the same composer who created the wonderful soundtrack to Sunless Sea. We’re ecstatic about this. You can listen to it here!.

Is it accessible with VoiceOver/for visually impaired players?

The launch build works with VoiceOver to some extent, and we already have an update in the works which will improve compatibility a lot. If you use a screen reader and would like to send us feedback, we’d be grateful to receive it:

What does this mean for Fallen London in browsers?

It will be better than ever! Working on the mobile app  has given us some space to review Fallen London’s appearance and function across the board. You’ll see changes to the browser experience in the coming months to reflect that: interface enhancements, gorgeous new art and an updated, easy-to-read look.

If you want help shape some of these changes, there’s a new subforum in our community, in which we’ll be looking for feedback.

What’s happened to my Living Stories?

Some living stories are currently not triggering in the mobile game. if you run into any problems, send an email to

What about Zubmariner?

You can follow progress on Zubmariner in our updates on Steam. We are working on both at the same time, but Fallen London for iOS will probably come out first.

When will Sunless Sea come to iOS?

We’re committed to delivering Zubmariner before we move on to anything else for Sunless Sea, but we’re not ruling out an iOS port at this stage.


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Aaron Aug 1, 4:48pm

I've been trying to get the iOS app for fallen london, and it's amazingly hard to find. Does it exist anymore?

Dark Acre Jack Jun 2, 3:44pm

Hello. It appears this app no longer exists for iOS. Will it return?

Lee Nov 17, 3:28pm

Hey, I have a pretty serious problem with the app. I was playing Fallen London without any issues and was enjoying it enough to subscribe as an Exceptional Friend for the monthly fee of about $6.95... the instant I did though, the game crashed, and I have been unable to play at all. When I try to load it up, it says "checking for content updates" indefinitely. I've let it "check" for up to a half hour at a time, and several times a day for several days, so it's not some "our servers must be busy" B.S. But yeah, the freaking game no longer running is a pretty crappy way to reward a player for agreeing to pay about $7 a month. ...and needless to say, I'm cancelling my subscription if this isn't somehow resolved soon, but I'm rather pissed off that I just threw away $7 on making a game I enjoyed unplayable.

Jaden Jul 19, 8:09pm

Hey so I just downloaded the app from the play store for the first time and I can't get started because it keeps saying "can't download current stories" and when I try again nothing happens. This is really frustrating as I had high hopes for the game and was very excited to try it out.

James Jun 27, 9:30am

I played the game for quite a while, but now when I try to log into the app it doesn't remember me. I attempted to start a new game using my old user name but apparently the game remembers who I am but none of my login information so it just tells me somebody with my user name already exists. Thoughts?

Jesse Hendrix May 9, 4:33am

I've just downloaded the mobile app and the game refuses to sync. The sync screen comes up, I hit continue, but every time I leave and come back I'm right back at the beginning. Any help?

Paul Apr 17, 4:12pm

Hi i have tried to register fallen London but my Android phone just hangs on the registation screen. I tried bolth via email and Facebook but it spears to be stuck.

George Servian Mar 15, 1:19am

Fallen London for Android (Galaxy Edge 6) won't update. Gets stuck on "Checking for content updates". Wi-Fi and 4G same issue. Known issue, or is it just me?

Fairchild Paris Dec 29, 11:44pm

Mobile app is great! Yeah it takes ages to load but the user interface is totally worth it. Great effort guys :)

Madlampy Dec 1, 6:03pm

Trying to link my old FB fallen london profile to app. Keeps saying "we cannot log you in" after authentication. Any ideas?

Hannah Flynn Nov 23, 10:18am

Hello! It's difficult to tell why you'd be having trouble. Could you send a screengrab of what you're seeing to Thanks!

Zach gepp Nov 21, 7:34pm

Sorry, I'm on the website not mobile.

Zach gepp Nov 21, 7:32pm

I'm having trouble picking an avatar, in that it won't let me click the icons. I'm on mobile and I don't know what else to do, any advice would be appreciated.

Hannah Flynn Sep 20, 2:23pm

You can always play it at!

Karolcia Sep 14, 4:09pm

Hi there, I have a small problem on my phone. I see info about reciving messages + including (no idea what). I click on it and nothing. Plus there are no messages waiting for me. Only those that I sent. Any idea what to do?

karen Sep 9, 4:37pm

do you think it might appear on the kindle in my lifetime? My friend in London (Boston here) just told me about this game and I want it very badly

Rolland Therrien Aug 31, 1:11pm

Okay, installed the app, but it made me start a new account instead of allowing me to link directly to my old account. So I went to the page to delete my old account to start from scratch. Now how do I go about to link my new account to Facebook?

Tami Aug 29, 9:10pm

I just remembered the name of the game and I was so excited to play it. Shame it does not support Android, Oh well, let's play the browser version then.

Abraham Moshekh Jul 23, 11:22am

I'm immensely excited for the Android version to hit the scene. I love playing Fallen London and having it on the go is immensely convenient, however, playing on the website via phone web browsing app is a bit finicky.

Lizzy Ardell Jul 9, 7:01pm

Hope to beta Android version. It's gonna be fantastic!

Slytha Jun 23, 5:17pm

Really enjoying this game, I'd love to see an Android version for easier access!

the sun the sun the sun May 18, 7:23pm

I really want an android version of this and Sunless Sea - I would buy them if they were paid, would buy SS a second time for mobile too.

Camper Apr 18, 11:51pm

The app is finally out on April 18th. And I loved it! Although there are a few flaws. There is no way (except when sinking) to access the little box which says stuff (left side of the screen on the browser version) And even when sinking, there is no way to save them to the journal. The bazaar's places (Example: Corrow's Steel) don't have pictures, only items do. The luminous neathglass goggles also don't have a picture. And finally, the loading. Each time you enter the app it takes 5 minutes to load.

Natalie Feb 14, 8:27pm

I'm SOOOOO excited for whenever the iOS version will come out! Hope it's soon! :D

Nikki Jan 16, 12:50am

I hope android release wont be too far behind iOS!

Sir Longbottom Jan 8, 4:44pm

So it's 2016 now...

Peter Dec 28, 6:12pm

Is this actual?

Laura Oct 26, 5:06pm

Any news on this? I also would be willing to throw in some cash to be able to easily play this on my windows phone!

Betruul Greyland Sep 20, 5:53pm

Anyway i can help speed this along? Donation or something?

Psychotyme Jun 26, 2:43pm

Also, can anyone confirm if the app will be dark and gothic looking, similar to the site? I love the old and worn look of Sunless Sea's pages and menus, and really hope they keep it dark in the Iphone version. Stay tasty my friends.

Psychotyme Jun 26, 2:39pm

Skip the iOS of sunless sea... and go to Vita!!! Would be so good, and I would throw money at this all day long.

Hannah Jun 2, 3:12pm

Jabberwock - All shall be well!

Jabberwok Jun 2, 2:43pm

I'm a bit nervous about how this might change the look and layout of the browser version. Basically, I don't want to feel like I'm navigating something made for smart-phones. I've seen other sites go that way, and I find it to be a huge turn off. I would certainly check out the app on my phone, though.

Hannah May 29, 3:08pm

Loch - Likely that it'll just be for the app, but as with Sunless Sea's OST we'd hope to release the soundtrack further down the line. Herm - We don't offer special support for alternate character use in general, so it isn't a priority for the app I'm afraid. Kedri - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay indeed! Thanks. :)

Kedri May 28, 10:19pm

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That is all.

Loch May 28, 7:07pm

Will the music be only for the app or will it come to the browser version too?

Herm May 28, 9:55am

I would most certainly use the Android version. Are you planning to support multiple characters, such as the poor soul I created for Seeking things that should not be Sought?