Fallen London officially available on Android

By Failbetter, August 31, 2016 · Android Fallen London

Delicious friends! We asked if you would be interested in an Android app of Fallen London and we received an overwhelming ‘yes’! Today we’re thrilled to announce that Fallen London is officially available on Android!

You can download Fallen London on the Google Play store right now.

We hope you’ll find this new way to visit the Neath to be a charming companion to the browser game.

Important Note: When playing across more than one platform, please manually sync your game in the app before switching to any other device/the browser! Otherwise you may lose progress.

Manually sync by tapping the candle icon in the bottom centre of the screen, then tapping the ‘Sync your progress’ button.


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Gaël Feb 26, 3:44pm

It's not even on the google app store anymore... I'd really like to play it though

Brandon Oct 3, 11:38pm

Unable to log back in the game any one else having the same problem

Jeanna Sep 26, 11:08pm

Upon downloading the app, I can't get past the first screen because there's an error that reads "can't download current stories." Clicking "continue without updating stories" does nothing =-( so sad, I really want to get into this on my phone!

Haley Sep 6, 2:45pm

Any bugs or issues with the app, please send to, thanks!

S.S. Sep 4, 7:55pm

I've been looking forward to this for some time now! Greatly excited. What about bug reports? Is there a way to submit them in the app itself[I looked, so I don't think so] or would you prefer them as comments on the Google Play Store? Or shall we just submit them the old fashioned way, same as the browser?

SephenH Sep 4, 7:51am

Same issue as Ben: can't launch. Get "can't download current stories", and the "or continue without updating stories" does nothing.

Mapkinase Sep 3, 7:56am

Thank you so much! You have gained at least one exceptional friend through this.

Ben Zyl Aug 31, 7:58pm

I downloaded and ran it, checking for content updates - can't download current stories, continue without updating stories did nothing so complete failure to launch. Better luck next time!

Dr. Strangeyoung Aug 31, 11:55am

Great to hear, can't wait to try it! The link's slightly broken though, but it's easy enough to manually correct the https:// prefix once clicked.