Fallen London Redesign to go live 1st October

By Failbetter, September 27, 2018 ·

Delicious friends, thanks to your excellent bug tracking and build kicking abilities we are now at a stage where we’d like to put the Fallen London redesign back up!


On 1st October, we’ll be putting the redesign live on and then shortly after we’ll point to redirect to too. We may stagger these a bit because it helps our servers (and programmers!) to do these one at a time.

Our testing has been going smoothly, and we’re incredibly thrilled to put the redesign back up as we’ve had so much positive feedback over the course of the two betas.

If for any reason though you run into trouble, please email directly. And, if you haven’t seen the new site yet, the beta will remain open at until the 1st October.

Once it’s live we’ll continue to monitor performance to make sure everything’s working as intended. Thank you for going on this journey with us, we’re so pleased to bring a new shiny exterior to the same dark, exquisite underground city we’ve been building for over eight years!

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Azreal DuCain Oct 1, 2:57pm

Why would you make the new art style so ugly? The old art style looked nice but the new one is just a bunch of colored shapes slammed together.Why would you do this? This is a downgrade. I'm also confused by the decision to make everything gray instead of black like it used to be. It's not really an issue but it doesn't look as good. The bigger issue is how disorganized and untidy the interface looks now. The buttons and the icons look like they have two completely different art styles. Because they do. Everything used to have the same art style, buttons included, and now it just looks like you had two mutually exclusive ideas on which art style you wanted to use and chose both. They don't match or complement each other. Additionally, the qualities required indicators are large enough to be intrusive now and awkwardly spaced. Overall, on the scale of ugly, inconvenient, and seemingly unnecessary updates I give this one six Youtubes out of ten. It would be higher (and therefore worse) but you didn't remove any features and added an useful ability to sort possessions.