Fallen London Website Redesign Now Live

By Failbetter, June 5, 2018 · Fallen London General Update

Delicious friends, our beloved Fallen London has received a marvelous update! After receiving some lavish care from our tech team, Fallen London has a sleek new look!

Some changes you may notice:

  • Fallen London is now responsive! It will convert to a mobile friendly version on mobile browsers and also when you reduce the browser size on your desktop. It’ll begin to go into responsive mode at 1199px wide and enter full ‘mobile’ mode at 767px.
  • No more circular icons. We still want to distinguish between Status qualities and Thing qualities, so Status qualities now have rounded edges, and Thing qualities (items) have sharp corners.
  • Myself and Possessions now have their own tabs
  • We’ve added a Search Bar to the Bazaar, Myself and Possessions tabs
  • There’s now a new Side Menu for the Bazaar, Myself and Possessions Tabs, with links to quickly jump to different categories/shops. In responsive mode this will change to a drop down list which will remain at the top of the page
  • The Fallen London logo (at the top of the Account Settings and Help pages) is now the Return to World button
  • Second chances are now included in the branch itself, rather than in the sidebar

Have further questions? Check out the FAQ.

Lesleyann has also begun a thread on the FBG forum to share our journey, what feedback we took onboard, and why some of these changes were made.

Known Issues and Bugs

Work on the site isn’t yet fully complete, as our tech team will continue to make tweaks and fix bugs that you will undoubtedly help us uncover over the coming weeks. Please send any bugs (or general feedback) directly to

This is quite the momentous occasion in Fallen London’s timeline, and we hope all our changes make the Fallen London experience even more enjoyable!



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Alex Jun 7, 3:45pm

Following the link to Fallen London through this website or directly typing in "" both still take me to the old Story Nexus version of the site. Is this intended, or am I doing something wrong? I'm using Google Chrome on Win7.

Aestrith Jun 6, 7:03pm

But I still have the old design

miss Sesquilda Jun 5, 6:52pm

I opened Fallen London and the website looks like before. I have tried logging out and in. What should I do?