The Hurlers

April 21, 2021 · Fallen London

“When the Masters bought London, the Hurlers weren’t part of the deal. That’s why the Hurlers are here. If they are.” It is now possible to lay tracks towards the Hurlers, the latest development in the formation of the Great Hellbound Railway Company. The Hurlers are giant stones, scattered on an unforgiving landscape. This frozen […]

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Making the Mask of the Rose Campaign Video

April 8, 2021 · Mask of the Rose

You can learn more about Mask of the Rose and watch the video on Kickstarter. We’ll be back with more staff updates like this one during the development process! From the moment we decided to create a Kickstarter campaign for Mask of the Rose, we knew we needed a bespoke campaign video. We’d already made […]

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The Parabolan War

March 25, 2021 · Fallen London

“Parabola shifts. Alignments crumble. London enters the fray. Too far in to turn back. An invitation therefore. To one who has wandered deep in Parabola. War comes. Will you take up arms?” A final rumble of thunder and you are soaked with rain. The sky clears. The storm departs, its invitation delivered. Following the Election […]

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The Fallen London wiki has moved!

March 22, 2021 · Fallen London

Recently we shared a message from the Fallen London wiki editors, to announce that they would be moving the wiki to a new site. This has now happened – here is the latest update about it from the editors. Hi everyone! After the previous post, you might know that the Fallen London Wiki is moving […]

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The Fallen London wiki is moving!

March 16, 2021 · Fallen London

We know the Fallen London wiki is a useful resource for many of our players, so we very much appreciate the work the editors put in to maintaining it. The wiki will soon be moving to a new home, and the editors asked us to share their announcement about it here to help get the […]

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New Social Act: Tea at Beatrice’s

March 11, 2021 · Fallen London

Yes, for real. At last, you can invite other players for tea at Beatrice’s tea shop. This is intended as the final replacement for dining; something that has the same sense of presence and shared space without the technical issues dining had. The structure should be familiar from Coffee at Caligula’s, but the rewards, costs, […]

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Designing Characters for Mask of the Rose

March 9, 2021 · Kickstarter Mask of the Rose

Establishing a Cast for Our Story One of the first things we did during narrative pre-production was invent the ensemble cast for Mask of the Rose. We knew we wanted a range of character types, with varied ethnicity, age, gender, body type, and social class. Along with demographic variety, we wanted a variety of perspectives: […]

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