A Romantic Game That You Can Play Platonically?

February 12, 2021 · Mask of the Rose

Mask of the Rose is a game about love – and one of the first things you can define about your character is whether you’re looking for long-term romance, shorter connections, friendship, or found family. So why write a game about love and then let the player opt out of romancing anyone? We want to tell […]

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Our Kickstarter for Mask of the Rose is live!

February 8, 2021 · Mask of the Rose

Hello!  In November we announced our new game, Mask of the Rose, and we’ve just launched the Kickstarter! Mask of the Rose is a romantic visual novel set in the same universe as our award-winning games Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies. It takes place in Victorian London, not long after the city was […]

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The Feast of the Rose 1899

February 4, 2021 · Fallen London

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is upon us! Visit the Shopkeeper in Viric for a trancelike taste of forbidden romance! Show your affection or scorn through unexpected and creative gifts! What will the season have in store for you? Rewards from the Feast can be won by increasing Masquing. Raise your Masquing through participating […]

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AMA for Mask of the Rose

January 29, 2021 · Mask of the Rose

We’re doing an AMA in r/games on Monday 8th February, 6pm GMT, to mark the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Mask of the Rose! We’ll be using the account u/failbettergames, with other Failbetters joining in. See you there!  

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A Quick Update on the Sovereign Edition

January 29, 2021 · Sunless Skies

We last shared news about the Sovereign Edition of Sunless Skies in early December, after we submitted builds for console certification.  We know many people are eagerly awaiting it, so we wanted to share a brief status update. In most respects the Sovereign Edition is now in very good shape, but we’re still seeing some […]

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New social actions, and an update

January 28, 2021 ·

As previously announced, today we have retired some old social actions and enabled new ones. You can read in more detail about this on the preceding post. If you’re eager to try them out, you can start writing and sending letters in Your Social Engagements; opportunities for social slights can be found in parties, working […]

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Choose the scent for a Mask of the Rose candle!

January 27, 2021 · Mask of the Rose

Have you ever wondered what the Neath smells like? We’re teaming with Gametee on the physical rewards for our Kickstarter campaign for Mask of the Rose, which launches Monday 8th February. One of the physical rewards will be a gaming candle themed to Mask of the Rose. Gametee make gorgeous and gloriously fragranced candles. They’re […]

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Announcing new social actions, and retiring old ones

January 26, 2021 · Fallen London

On January 28th, we will be retiring certain social actions from the game, and releasing new ones. It will no longer be possible to initiate the following social activities: Chess Dining Sparring If you’re already in one of those social acts, you should be able to complete it. In their place, we are adding two […]

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January 21, 2021 · Fallen London

“The Great Hellbound Railway has crossed the threshold into Hell’s hinterlands. To get here, the tracks cut through a muddy and desolate heath, the landscape pitted with craters. This first stop is a small hamlet of looming ramshackle houses.” It is now possible to build the station for Moulin, the latest development in the formation […]

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