Welcome to Part Two

April 5, 2011 · Tagged with ,

In Summary: Welcome to Part Two. New inventory slots are now live. If you have Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy or Watchful qualities of 100+, watch for opportunities to meet the Ambitious Barrister and embark upon your journey to greatness. Ships! Home Comforts! Constant Companions! A few of these are live now, and many more will be […]

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Sunlight and Shadows

March 30, 2011 · Failbetter Tagged with

NixonMcInnes, the social media consultancy, are running a rather fabulous photography / storytelling project with O2 (the telco, not the element) this month. We’ve been brought in to provide the storytelling side of it. It isn’t a game, but if you like our stuff you might enjoy it: and the next step in each chapter is shaped […]

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About that Room…

March 16, 2011 ·

The Profile, Journal, Scrapbook and Mantelpiece are now live. Click [Profile] from your Me page, visit any tweeted / Facebooked link, or go to[charactername] . As trailed elsewhere, this is like totally beta, dude. We’ve already spotted some bugs (including, aggravatingly, paging disappearing) which we’re on. Do report bugs to, and please go […]

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A Room of Your Own

March 15, 2011 ·

Echo Bazaar tells stories to its players, but it also encourages its players to tell their own. Some of these are tiny and ephemeral, like the explanation you give yourself for how event x and event y stitch together. Some of these stories are shared and implicit, like the narrative that emerges out of social […]

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How to transmediate your Dragon: Dragon Age Redemption

March 11, 2011 ·

Felicia Day is not exactly a name that needs introduction on teh internets. Nor is Bioware. In fact, quite a lot of you can probably guess what I’m going to talk about just from these two names. How many of you are saying ‘oh, Dragon Age’ now? Yes? Oh well done. If you’re not saying […]

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A More Intimate Connection

March 3, 2011 ·

We’ve often been asked, on the feedback forum and elsewhere, to make more of the various Connected qualities in Echo Bazaar. We’re taking a step in that direction today with connection items. If you have a look at the Curiosity section of the Bazaar, you’ll see that there’s a gaggle of new trinkets there. These […]

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New Inventory Slots?

March 2, 2011 ·

  What’s going on here? And what could be going into those empty boxes? And just how constant is that companion?

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Sentimental journey

February 26, 2011 ·

The Guardian Unlimited talkboards have finally dropped off the perch. GUT was an idiosyncratic and antique (decade-old!) forum, a quirky backwater of the Internet invisible to search engines, with a lively community and its own savage pet troll. The Guardian had long since deprecated GUT, and though I mourn, I’m surprised it lasted this long. The survivors […]

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The Juicy Stuff

February 23, 2011 ·

Morning all. It’s a big day, so let’s get right into the juicy stuff. Mahogany Hall, a grand sequence of new adventures for the very shadowy and persuasive, is open for business. The entry storylet is in your Lodgings, under “Open a way to other parts of the city”. Mahogany Hall is the biggest content […]

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Exceptional Friends

February 18, 2011 ·

Hello everyone. Next week we will be making some major changes to Echo Bazaar.  These include several rebalances, a bunch of new items for sale at the Bazaar, and an enormous tranche of new and rather sexy content. We’re also raising the Shadowy cap to 110. However, the really big deal is this: we’re introducing […]

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