Other Work

Speaking and Consultancy

Previous speaking gigs include GDC, Bioware Edmonton, Develop, Playful, Storytelling and Games Conf Vienna, Transmedia London at BAFTA, the Story, Brunel University, GDC Next, Ravensbourne Publish! and GamesHorizon.

Contact us at enquiries@failbettergames.com.

Dragon Age: The Last Court

A very Failbetter-y game set between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. We built it for BioWare, and it lives in the Dragon Age Keep.

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Black Crown

An infectious kind of narrative experience. Supported and funded by Random House, Black Crown was Rob Sherman’s debut project, powered by Failbetter Games’s StoryNexus platform. Additional features by Popleaf.

Black Crown was retired in October 2014.

Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree

Our Kickstarter campaign for this Fallen London spin-off got funded in just seven hours, thanks to our wonderful fans.

Play The Silver Tree

Cabinet Noir

Play Cabinet Noir

The Night Circus

A transmedia project built for Random House to promote Erin Morgenstern’s bestselling novel of the same name.

Winner of the FutureBook award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign, 2011 and the BMA Bookseller Best Marketing Campaign, 2012.

‘Failbetter have shown a grasp and appreciation of the text which I have rarely seen in other creative agencies.’

– Dan Franklin, Digital Publisher, Random House

Enter the Night Circus

Machine Cares

An interactive story about death, happiness, relationships and kittens, aimed at 14-16 year-olds, built with the generous assistance of Channel 4 and ChildLine.

Play Machine Cares


A collaborative story project for O2 and NixonMcInnes. Two dozen Twitter users provided the photographs: we provided the story.

‘It’s a startlingly simple concept, but undoubtedly brilliant… a brain-ticklingly good and bittersweet journey.’

– The Center for Serious Play

An expedition with Mr Mirrors

A live Fallen London event. We ran it in partnership with A Door In a Wall at the V&A Museum on 26th March 2010, as part of Hide & Seek‘s Playgrounds evening. Around 350 players solved puzzles to choose memories of Vengeance, Mystery or Desire; salted their unfolding history with Hope or Doom; and found out who they were.

Playgrounds at the V&A from Hannah Nicklin on Vimeo.