Outfit-locked Areas

By Sara Veal, August 10, 2020 · Fallen London

We have reviewed the map areas in which outfit changes remain restricted. 

We’ve reviewed the content and removed locks from most of the game. We’ve left them in just a few places, where we thought they would serve a flavourful, appropriate and relatively easy introduction to the concept of outfit-locked areas.

In each case, you will receive a warning that you will not be able to change outfits while there, along with a hint as to which quality or qualities would be useful.

These are the areas that will remain restricted:


  • The Shadows of the Orphanage (Light Fingers)
  • The Abyssal Depths, The Convent (Bag a Legend)

Making Your Name

  • Beneath the Silken Chapel (A Name Scrawled in Blood)
  • Embarked on a Heist (A Name Whispered in Darkness and other content)

Fate Locked / Exceptional Stories

  • Deep in Bugsby’s Marshes (The Blemmigan Affair)
  • Caution, The Bleeding Forest, Outside The Prison of Flint, The Grey Vineyard (Flint)

Scientific Expeditions

  • Bullbone Island, Corpsecage Island, Grunting Fen

Red Honey Dreams

  • The Chambers of the Heart

We have plans to continue to make use of outfit-locked areas in more complex and interesting ways. If we decide to apply more content locks to existing content, we will announce it ahead of time. In terms of new content, if we use outfit locks as part of their design, we intend for players to discover these as they play, with signposting.

We look forward to seeing what you think! 

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