StoryNexus release: THE UNEXPECTED

By Failbetter, October 24, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with

This one’s a quickie. We’ve fixed a bunch of StoryNexus bugs and done some optimisations; we’ve also added

  • A Credits field for worlds, to give suitable props to you and/or your team
  • Markdown editing to all worlds-level fields (login page and whatnot), so you can finally add formatting
  • A BUY NEX button on branches and link on the nav bar, to make life easier for creators whose worlds monetize.

Enjoy! The next one, THE INSTRUMENT, is a bit of a surprise. We’ve moved equippable items and transient cards up the schedule, partly in response to creator feedback, also because they’re relevant to our next project…

See our roadmap for more information on what’s coming.

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Natta Nov 19, 8:41pm

Thank you for your thoughts, Amy. Yes, I did know about Whale as Recordkeeper; it was stohmeing that Hawaiian Elder Mr. Makua shared with me when I did my remembrance work in the IM program. Keeping records is a recurring theme for me in my life, so that part of the dream certainly resonates with my being. Whales rarely come to me in dreams (other animals, but usually not whales), but often were a presence when we lived on Maui, so I am grateful for the orca in my dream. I did do a rough sketch in my journal, but I do not remember the details of what the symbols meant (frustrating, since it was so clear to me in the dream). Something for further exploration.Grazie for this space to share dreams.