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By Paul Arendt, October 16, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with

Well folks, this is the big one.  Raise your glasses….

Failbetter Games is very proud to announce the launch of StoryNexus, an online platform for playing and creating texty games like Fallen London, The Night Circus and Cabinet Noir.  StoryNexus allows anybody to write and edit interactive story games and earn money from their creations. It requires no downloads and no programming experience.


StoryNexus lets you create interactive stories with the powerful and intuitive Quality-Based Narrative system, the backbone of Fallen London. You don’t need any coding knowledge. All you need is your imagination.

Your game is playable from the moment you start to write it. You can edit your stories live, from within the game world, and choose from a growing library of stunning images and themes to customise your creation. Future updates will enable users to upload their own custom artwork and skins.

StoryNexus already plays host to the award-winning Fallen London and musketeer thriller Cabinet Noir. Joining the platform are a host of new games created by users that range from epic science fiction to poetry, educational games, superheroics and whodunnits. Our community has already created more than 700 worlds – that’s around half a million words of original content.

StoryNexus is built around a single login – either via email, Facebook or Twitter. One account gets you access to all the games on the platform, and you can check out new games from the StoryNexus home page with just a click.

The StoryNexus platform allows users to earn cash from their worlds, via the same free-to-play mechanics that have made Fallen London a success. StoryNexus uses a platform-wide virtual currency, the Nex, and 60% of any revenue spent by players on a given world goes to the world’s creator. Monetization tools will go live this week.

Every three months, a panel of judges will pick the best community-submitted StoryNexus worlds. Judges for the first World of the Season include Susan Arendt, Executive Editor of The Escapist, Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of Bioware’s Dragon Age series, and  noted indie developer Jonas Kyratzes.  We’ll announce the first winners in mid-October.

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