Sunless Sea: Alarming Gifts

By Hannah Flynn, June 23, 2015 · Patch Notes Sunless Sea

The zee, the zee! It rises, black-fisted, and falls on you with all its weight.

Today’s Sunless Sea patch unlocks a few new slivers of story:

  • The Alarming Scholar will now correctly provide gifts to highly Antiquarian captains.
  • Kingeater’s Castle can now move you elsewhere, for a price.
  • The Venturer’s Executor can now complete certain deals in the event of the Venturer’s departure.
  • The Wretched Mog can be unleashed on hapless Rat Corsairs.
  • Various minor bugfixes.


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Roaring 20's Aug 7, 11:42am

I've always wanted to sail an unexplored world. With satellites filling in the Earth's map, this is the most refreshing, beautiful, and uniquely dark adventure I've ever spent hours immersing myself in. Easily up there with Bioshock in the 'memorable paracosms' department. Playing your game is like having a lucid dream and I thank you for making that possible.

WELLINGTON YUEH Jul 24, 6:46pm

The new "Chapel of Lights" content is extremely disturbing and dark. I love it, thanks.

Prophet-of-Ganja Jun 30, 9:34pm

Everything is awesome! Playing again after taking a break for a while. My current captain has been my most successful yet, can't wait for more zee stories to experience.

Nkb Jun 27, 7:56pm

I recently picked up your game. Many good things to say about it. Overall you all did a fantastic job and think aside from being well put together and executed, is a breath of fresh air. I will be watching for your future titles with earnest. P.S. My first captains name is Nameless and it would be nice to be able to select a backstory while also choosing and having the game recognize that your name is not known (hence, having to use some placeholder, such as Nameless.) Just a thought!

Larsette Jun 25, 3:18am

I'm loving this game, and happy to find new content. Looked forward to my quiet 45 minutes of free time today to spend searching the zee. Trying successfully to avoid any wikipedia or spoiler content. Thanks for making a game you so obviously care about.

Caph Jun 23, 3:45pm

New things, new stories, new secrets... thank you!