Set a course for the heavens in your steam locomotive! Lose yourself in a changing universe where even time can be bought. A Victorian Gothic adventure for PC, Mac and Linux.

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It is the dawn of the 20th century, and the British Empire has taken to the stars! As the captain of a spacefaring locomotive you’ll behold wonders and battle cosmic abominations in the heavens.

The stars are alive. They are the Judgements: vast intelligences that govern all things. But they are dying. One by one, something is snuffing them out, leaving their thrones empty.

Unfettered by trivial things like gravity, the Empire’s ambition is savage. They have built a new Sun. The Empress reigns from the Throne of Hours, which gives her control over time.

Your Captain and crew must carve out a life between the stars. Will you support her majesty and the establishment, or the working class rebels who yearn for freedom from the Workworlds?

Learn who you are, in the dark. Die, and leave the world the way you want it for your successor…

well of the wolf

Key Features

Explore space as you’ve never seen it before in a giant steam-powered locomotive engine. Use a bat to navigate. Survive celestial horrors and your Inconvenient Aunt.


A world where cricket, tea and London exist at the wild edges of Victorian space colonisation. Quail in the face of the Clockwork Sun. Master the blistering language of the stars. Lead a revolution, or uphold the edicts of Queen Victoria. Trade in barrels of time, violently fertile seeds, or human souls.

4_clockwork 2

It is not safe in the skies. Defend yourself against pirates, scorn-flukes, the Cyst of Faces, and worse. Your every foray into space is as precarious as a Polar expedition. You’ll need to balance your resources carefully and keep an eye on your crew’s Terror to avoid an exciting array of deaths.


Bathe your eyes in lush 2D art: giant fungal consciousnesses, creaking steam-driven cities, icy wastes and dizzying starfields.

Build a lineage of space captains – roguish, honest, selfish, revolutionary, upstanding, cowardly – and let their actions shape the stories you discover. Die, and pass on some of your resources to your next captain.

Make terrible decisions. Live with their outcomes. Will you run guns for the Independents? Or spies for the Empire? Choose wisely – your decisions will affect the fate of the region; not just for yourself, but for your future captains as well.

Collect a crew of officers, each with their own stories, dreams and wants.


Choose your captain’s term of address and customise their appearance – your character’s gender is your business. Unlock mascots and scouts for your vessel: bats, birds, squid, owls.


Customisable settings enable you to tweak your locomotive’s movement and refine combat difficulty to find the level of challenge you require.

Delight in the most delicious prose in all of gaming, from the award-winning team behind cult browser game Fallen London, indie hit Sunless Sea and Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Featuring writing by Meg Jayanth, Cassandra Khaw, Harry Tuffs, Richard Cobbett and Emily Short.


Sunless Skies is set in the Fallen London Universe: a deep, dark and marvellous world that we’ve been creating for eight years. In our games, hand-crafted narrative and emergent gameplay create compelling stories for your character.

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The Art of the Dark: Creating Eleutheria
Jul 25, 12:00am

Hey all. I’m Toby, one of the artists at Failbetter Games. Since I joined the company last year I’ve been helping build the world of Sunless Skies, creating some of the environments, icons, effects and animations that make up the High Wilderness. We’ve come a long way since The Reach (the hub region), and have […]

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Sunless Skies Patch Notes – (25th July 2018)
Jul 25, 12:00am

Build Version: Release Date: 25/07/2018 Known Issues What’s New Eleutheria has arrived. It’s dark, deadly and terrifyingly beautiful. Survival here is very hard. Good luck Captain, you’re really going to need it. To access Eleutheria you will need to travel through the Reach-Eleutheria Transit Relay located in the Hybras segment. Go prepared and be […]

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ELEUTHERIA and Extending Early Access
Jul 25, 12:00am

Eleutheria is the third region to enter Sunless Skies. We’re looking to create a feeling of dread throughout the game, and Eleutheria itself is the main harbinger: it’s the darkest region, with the most unnerving enemies, the most oppressive atmosphere and the most threat. We’ll expect your postcards! How to find Eleutheria To access Eleutheria […]

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