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Sunless Skies at EGX

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Sunless Skies Pre-Production: Looking to the Skies
Jan 5, 12:00am

When we started making Sunless Sea back in 2014, art direction as a discipline was something I was only vaguely aware of. I had ideas about how I wanted the game to look – basically dark and vaguely teal-coloured – so I drew a lot of pictures and looked at a lot more, and the […]

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Sunless Skies Pre-Production: Charting the Sunless Skies
Dec 8, 12:00am

Sunless Skies is set among the stars, in the vast, glorious night of the High Wilderness. As with all our work, we want it to feel deep, dark, and marvellous – so we set to work identifying the things that made it different from a traditional ‘space’ setting, and the things we wanted to keep the […]

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