Sunless Skies: Known Issues


Sunless Skies is in Early Access

There are many features yet to be implemented. Many places yet to be created. Many words yet to be written.

Enjoy your time in the High Wilderness,and please be patient while we expand its frontiers.

Failbetter Games

Known Issues

This is not an exhaustive list, for example we do not list bugs with an exploitative nature. If you do not see your issue listed, please send a report to Please see our Bug Reporting page for details on what to include in your report.

Current build:

Last updated: 11/12/2017


  • Leaving and re-entering the Reach will cause the loading screen to hang. This is, in part, because prog gen does not handle areas outside of the Reach just yet. New regions are coming soon! – if you leave the Reach and experience this, you will need to quit the game and relaunch


  • If the player takes advantage of a Bargain at one port and the same Bargain appears at another port (within the same in-game 30 day window), then the player will not be able to purchase the goods from the Bargain at the second port
  • Bargains for a good will sometimes appear for a port where you have a pending prospect for the same good
  • In the next update we will be implementing a piece of feedback that many of you have asked for. We will be adding your Sovereign total to the shop interfaces. We will also be adding it to the new Bazaar interface. We didn’t have time to implement this task in the Prospect and Bargain’s build and because it ties into a number of bugs (listed below) and we wanted to address all of these at the same time so they have been deferred until the next update
    • Sovereigns do not update in the Possessions interface if it is open alongside the Bazaar – you need to close and reopen the interface to see the changes
    • The Hold does not update automatically if it is open alongside the Bazaar and you purchase a Bargain/Hand in a Prospect – you need to close and reopen the interface to see the changes
    • The amount remaining on Prospect tooltips does not update if the Hold interface is open alongside the Bazaar


  • The ‘no Terror gain’ area around Lustrum and Polmear & Plenty’s sometimes stops working
  • Double rate of Terror gain doesn’t kick in until you are down to 1 Crew on Parsival-class locomotives (should be 2)


  • After accessing the Bank UI with a shop or storylet interface open, if you open the Hold UI (thus closing the Bank UI) and click on items in your cargo hold, they will be removed. Worry not! Whilst it looks like they are disappearing they are being being moved into the bank.


  • There is a line above the Bedivere-class locomotive in the Engine Yard and Hold interface
  • Font Scale causes the cost of locomotives to disappear on the Engine Yard interface
  • When re-purchasing a previously owned locomotive, items equipped to certain slots are sometimes remembered. This can give the appearance that you have just gained another copy of a weapon for example, however this is just a visual effect and un-equipping the item will cause it to be removed correctly


  • Long character names are cut off behind the Load button on the Load Game screen
  • Your chosen name on panel 6 of the character creation screen is affected by the Font Scale
  • Highlighting persists on previously selected Origins (panel 1) and Histories (panel 2) on the character creation screen if you go back and make a different selection
  • When expanding the drop down menus on panel 5 of the character creation screen, the first option (e.g. Hat 1) is always ticked, even if a different option (e.g. Hat 4) is actually displayed. In order to select the first option, you need to select a different option (so the tick moves) and then re-select the first option


  • SFX/Ambient sounds no longer play on new captains created after death in legacy mode - return to the title screen and then continue to resolve the issue
  • If you return to the Title Screen and then click Continue, immediately after creating a character, then all the items equipped to your locomotive will become unequipped – if this happens it may be easier to start a new save game. Alternatively head out of the asteroid field and to the north east where you’ll find New Winchester


  • So far we have seen two causes of black screens on some machines when trying to launch the game
    • If you see (SteamAPI_init() failed) in your output/player logs then the Steam app may not be running correctly. If you see this try the following:
      • Try restarting Steam
      • Try logging in and out of Steam and restarting
      • Check your Antivirus or Firewall settings. Updates have been known to put games the AV/Firewall sandbox/quarantine
  • If you see ‘Initializing Microsoft Media Foundation failed.’ in your output/player logs then Microsoft Media Foundation is not installed on your machine or a newer version of Microsoft Media Foundation is required. If you see this please install the Media Feature Pack from for your version of Windows. The Media Feature Pack that comes up upon a simple google search is NOT the correct version for Windows 10 after the Creators Update – it’s necessary to look for the newest Media Feature Pack from April 2017 (available at


  • Success/Failure messages do not appear on all branches
  • The value of some qualities is missing in the quality effects message, e.g. Your ‘Cheerfulness in Titania’ Quality is now !


  • There is a line in the fog around Carillon
  • Z-fighting can occur on the chart on some MacOS devices with NVIDIA graphics cards


  • The weapon disabled icon overlaps with the port index UI
  • UI scaling causes a flickering effect/black line on interfaces
  • The focus icon overflows the storylet interface at Traitor’s Wood when clicking on A Discovery in the wood
  • Highlighting persists on the HUD icons if they are closed by clicking the icons again rather than closing via X
  • The scroll functionality on storylets occasionally becomes unresponsive – quitting the app and relaunching usually resolves this
  • The pause/main menu opens behind the chart
  • Expanding and closing journal entries can cause text to become misaligned out of its box
  • Occasionally the text on a branch becomes corrupted (and looks like an alien language!)
  • The Quality requirement value is no longer displayed on some icon tooltips
  • Patch Notes can appear in game – this is usually caused by returning to the title screen and continuing (multiple times), if this happens quit the game and reload
  • In-game interfaces can occasionally be brought up on the title screen – if this happens quit the game and reload


  • There are a few erroneous graphical assets on the chart between segments
  • The chart does not accurately depict the collidable layer around Magdalene’s
  • Scout discoveries and labels appear tiny when zoomed out on the chart and pop to full size when zooming in
  • Some port labels overlap on the Chart
  • The pause/main menu can be opened behind the chart by pressing Esc and stops the hotkeys from working
  • The scroll functionality on the chart occasionally becomes unresponsive – quitting the app and relaunching usually resolves this


  • Scout messages can appear under some terrain such as the bridges at New Winchester and Port Prosper
  • In-game messages can overlap with docks and port labels when loading a save game (often seen at New Winchester, L&S Nature Reserve and Polmear & Plenty’s)
  • Experience gained labels can appear underneath terrain such as bridges
  • The Experienced gained label for Squire’s House at Port Avon does not appear in game, though experience is awarded on discovery – please send a report if you see this happening with other labels
  • In-game messages at Lustrum are hard to read because of the white background


  • Officers have not been implemented fully just yet, their content will be released further in development. So this is not a bug, but a feature not fully implemented. This means you will see the following:
    – Some Officers have placeholder names
    – Some Officers have placeholder dialogue
    – You cannot click on some Officers to interact


  • Parallax effects are not updated when toggling the option in-game, you need to return to the title screen and then Continue in order to see the effects
  • Increasing the Font scale can cause text to disappear/become cut off in several places
    • Cargo capacity number in the Hold and Jettison interface
    • Skill levels on the Character Progression interface
    • Purchase/sell quantities within shops
    • Confirmation dialog when returning to the title screen
    • Text on the temporary legacy screen
    • Chosen name on panel 6 of the character creation screen
    • Cost of locomotives on the Engine Yard interface


  • Engine SFX can be heard when interfaces are open in certain circumstances
  • When opening the Chart using the HUD icon, rather than the hotkey (Tab), an unusually loud SFX is sometimes heard
  • Several SFX are missing on UI elements:
    • Clicking X to close an interface – applies to all shops, and the Bank and Hold UI
    • Opening and Closing the chart using the hotkey
    • Clicking on Facets/Deeds and their twists within the character progression screen
    • Clicking the Trade button on the Engine Yard interface
    • Clicking between Buy and Sell tabs in shop interfaces
    • Clicking Buy or Sell in shop interfaces


  • A freeze is sometimes seen on Linux machines when entering fullscreen via the Options menu – if you experience this please send a report with your tech specs and include the player log


Patch Notes

Build Version: Release Date: 11 December 2017

Build Version: Release Date: 29 November 2017

Build Version: Release Date: 15 November 2017

Build Version: Release Date: 25 October 2017

Build Version: Release Date: 13 September 2017