StoryNexus World of the Season Winners: Autumn 2012

October 22, 2012 · Failbetter

There are a lot of community-created worlds in StoryNexus (more than 800 with at least a snippet of content) – and one of our challenges is to sort out the really good work from the unfinished experiments. This is why we held our first World of the Season competition: to encourage creators to submit their efforts to […]

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StoryNexus is Live!

October 16, 2012 · Failbetter

Well folks, this is the big one.  Raise your glasses…. Failbetter Games is very proud to announce the launch of StoryNexus, an online platform for playing and creating texty games like Fallen London, The Night Circus and Cabinet Noir.  StoryNexus allows anybody to write and edit interactive story games and earn money from their creations. […]

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StoryNexus release: IDENTITY

September 17, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with

IDENTITY is a release for players rather than creators – we have some tasty treats for creators coming in the next release after this. But Facebook and Twitter players will welcome this one…

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Fallen London’s New Hat

August 24, 2012 · Failbetter

Fallen London has a new hat: an attractive amber bar at the top of the screen. What’s that about? We’ve been talking about StoryNexus for a while, and this is its first peek into the light of day. Your Fallen London login (whether email, Twitter or Facebook) is now a StoryNexus login.  No functionality has […]

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August 15, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with ,

Hi everyone. From today (Thursday 16th August) we will stop selling Fate in Fallen London.  Instead, we’d like to introduce you to the Nex, a new currency that you can use in Fallen London – and in all other games on our forthcoming StoryNexus platform.  First things first: your existing Fate  is still worth what […]

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Narrative Snippets: Organising Creative Efforts

August 8, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with , ,

[This is the first in a series of articles about narrative engineering: design, organisation and writing. They are aimed at people making quality-based narrative games, and especially our StoryNexus beta testers. These short articles are republished from our wiki. The first few are lessons we’ve learned about organising a creative effort. If you’d like to […]

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StoryNexus Developer Diary #2: fewer spreadsheets, less swearing

August 5, 2012 · Failbetter Tagged with ,

Long past due: some discussion of why we chose the approach we have for StoryNexus and, indeed, most of our other work. That approach is QBN, ‘quality-based narrative’, which is to say, little bundles of interactive story (storylets) whose appearance controls and is controlled by changeable state (qualities). Very broadly, the two approaches to building […]

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