The Mayoral Election winner announced!

By Hannah Flynn, July 29, 2019 · Fallen London

All the votes have been tallied. London has decided: Virginia, the devil-adventurer, will be London’s new Mayor!

A chorus of gasps, cries and ragged cheers go up as Virginia steps forward to greet her new constituents. Her eyes are alight and her smile is bright as a red dawn as she basks in her triumph.

Now that 1897’s mayoral Election has come to a close, there’ll be a brief transitional period while Virginia takes up her office.

Once fully situated, a new mayoral card will become available in your Opportunity Deck. News of her work will crop up from time to time during her year in power.

Look for 1897: The Victor is Announced throughout London and speak to your candidate to wrap up any loose ends. You will have till the 5th of August to use up any leftover Reputation.

It’s never too early to speculate on who you think should run for Mayor of Fallen London next year – join the forum thread to make your thoughts known. Statistics on the Election will be released within the next few weeks to show you how the votes and Careers played out!

Thank you for your political tenacity, delicious friends!


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