The Sunless Sea Halloween Sale

By Failbetter, October 30, 2018 · Sunless Sea Zubmariner


Get in the spooky spirit this Halloween by voyaging out into a deep, dark zee teeming with misfortune and filled to the brim with zee-beasts! And if you’ve already confident above the waves, why not try diving to their terrifying depths in the extensive expansion, Zubmariner?

Sunless Sea is now on more platforms than ever before, so this Halloween we’re celebrating with a sale! 


29 October – 1 November
Sunless Sea (66%) and the Zubmariner expansion (33%) 


29 October – 5 November
Sunless Sea (66%) and the Zubmariner expansion (33%) 


29 October – 5 November
Sunless Sea (30%) 


17 – 31 October for Europe
19 October – 6 November for North America
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition (30% plus another 10% for PS+ users)

We hope you enjoy zailing, whether its from your desk or your couch! And if you can spare a moment to leave a review, it really helps us reach more people with our games.


Our upcoming game, Sunless Skies, is coming out 31 January 2019, too. So if you’d like to swap your ship for a locomotive you can wishlist the game now on Steam or GOG.

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