Your Own University Lab and Parabolan Base Camp

By Hannah Flynn, April 8, 2020 ·

Today we are unlocking some much-requested new stories for high level players!

Your Own University Lab

Perhaps you are ready for your own Laboratory. There are many studies you can do best with equipment. And obedient students.

Hire assistants, research new objects and train students! A significant new area in Fallen London!

Visible to anyone who is a Person of Some Importance, your lab is particularly designed with high level Watchful players in mind.

Parabolan Base Camp

No matter how often you walk this way, it is always at least a little different. Vines grasp you by the arm.

Hunt strange and mysterious beasts; discover the moonlit chessboard and interfere in matters of the Great Game; visit the Waswood.

Glassmen will be able to enter the base camp via the Honey-dens of Veilgarden; all players will be able to access it via their university lab.

These stories will become available across the day. We hope you have fun discovering their potential, and that of the continued updates to Fallen London in celebration of its tenth birthday.

fl 10th anniversary playbill v2 brickwork

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