Zubmariner Achievements and November Update!

By Hannah Flynn, November 3, 2016 · Patch Notes Sunless Sea Zubmariner

Thanks for supporting Zubmariner in the last few weeks. It’s been really exciting to see people’s reactions – sometimes live in streams, which we will never get tired of! Your ratings and reviews mean so much to us, so an extra thank you if you’ve managed to leave one.

Speaking of reviews, did you see we got a 90 for Zubmariner in PC Gamer and a Recommended in Eurogamer? Which only confirms your excellent taste.

Achievements are back in Sunless Sea, and newly arrived in Zubmariner!

For those of you who are keen on achievements, you are now able to gorge yourselves on 24 new ones that are exclusive to Zubmariner. Enjoy!


Introducing cloud saves!

We know many of you have been keen on us introducing cloud saves, which were happy to say are included in today’s build!

A cartographic opportunity

We have limited edition Sunless Sea maps for sale with our friends at Gamers Edition!



Originally produced for Kickstarter backers, this is the third and FINAL edition of Navigational Charts of the Known Unterzee. We won’t be making any more.

Place your order by noon GMT on 28 November to receive a high quality Sunless Sea map print by Christmas!

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Jeff Jun 11, 7:34pm

Hi, are u going to release a patch to alter sunless sea? It's very exhausting to always start at the beginning (story line) when the captain dies. I know, that u'r currently working on sunless sky, but it would be pretty cool if it would be possible to make sunless sea more likeable. greetings jeff