Navigate, survive, explore! Roam a vast underground ocean in a customised steamship. Trade with strange new lands. Battle sea monsters. Smuggle souls. Seduce your crew. Go mad and hallucinate lizards. You are the captain. It’s your call…

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Thirty years ago, London was stolen. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped…

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Failbetter Games

Purveyors of only the finest examples of interactive narrative – Failbetter are an independent games studio, creating games and stories mostly set in the Fallen London Universe. At present there’s Fallen London itself, a highly acclaimed Victorian fantasy RPG set in a unique subterranean city, and Sunless Sea, an exploration and trading game set in a vast underground ocean of the same world.

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Sep 30, 12:00am

Our long-awaited STEEL release – the real-time combat revamp – is here! It brings a clutch of bug fixes and a giant shipload of really stunning scenery. This is the first release and there are issues, quirks and missing features – but it basically works, and is fun. How To Get It We’ve put it in an […]

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Sep 30, 12:00am

This is a base-building / research / turn-based strategy war against aliens, with a narrative element: an X-Clone. This one, however, is set on Mars after the destruction of Earth. You don’t get to hire any more soldiers, because the small station staff you have is the entire human race on Mars. Each has a […]

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THINGS WE LIKE: Pathologic (Ice-Pick Lodge)
Sep 29, 12:00am

By George Khandaker-Kokoris, Unity Developer at Failbetter Games I still remember the first time I played Pathologic. Ice-Pick Lodge’s grueling survival game had passed me by on its first English release in 2006, and I only found it two years later thanks to Quintin Smith’s three-part essay on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. After reading the first […]

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Sep 29, 4:35pm

Something delicious occurs:

Sep 26, 1:05pm


Sep 26, 11:33am

Glorious things.

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