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Fallen London Fallen London

London was stolen by bats. Now, hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped…

Key facts

Release date2009
DeveloperFailbetter Games
PublisherFailbetter Games
GenreInteractive Fiction, Text Adventure, RPG
PlatformsWeb Browser (Desktop or Mobile)


Fallen London is a text based RPG set in an alternate history Victorian London. Launched in 2009, it has consistently grown and developed, as well as being the setting for the hit indie games Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies.

Choose your path through the city

Welcome to a dark and hilarious Victorian-Gothic underworld, where every choice has a consequence, from the style of your hat to the price of your soul.

Creep, coerce, brawl and swindle your way through the gaslit streets of Fallen London. Go mudlarking off Ladybones Road, eavesdrop in the ragged old market of Spite or arm-wrestle in Watchmaker’s Hill – wheresoever you roam, you’ll take your chances and shape your fate.

Collect whispered secrets and trade magnificent jewels to further your cause, whilst picking your way through the rats and filth of the fallen city (or embracing the putrid glory of it all). Choose your allies and your path carefully though – you never know who you might run into down that dark alley, or what poor soul might run into you…


Explore the immersive and darkly delightful world of Fallen London in a free, browser-based, literary RPG. It plays equally well in a phone browser, on desktop, dynamically resizing to fit your screen.

As much for those who love to read as those who love to play, experience a unique narrative that evolves with every choice you make. Follow the stories that interest you, and discover the city’s deepest secrets at your own pace.

Cultivate a reputation as you see fit. Are you a scintillating wit, a hardened tough, or a dabbler in the arts? Choose a profession, become a Person of Some Importance, or even a Paramount Presence: known to all in the city.

Die. A few times, if you like. It’s not the impediment it once was.

What brought you to the Neath?

Choose your Ambition. Revenge? A daring monster-hunt? Riches? Or your heart’s desire?

These stories are the closest thing to a main storyline in the massive world of Fallen London. Wide-ranging and full of secrets, they were completed in 2020 after ten years of episodic development.

Celebrate with all of London

Take part in the Neath’s various free festivities, peppered throughout the year.

Trade gifts of affection or scorn during the Feast of the Rose. Tamper with the giant eggs which arrive from nowhere every Whitsun. Sample the maritime fayre of Mutton Island during the Fruits of the Zee. Don a mask and seek secrets at exclusive Hallowmas revels. And await the dread beast of winter every Christmas, in the lumpen, hulking shape of Mr Sacks.

Exceptional Friendship

Subscribers are lovingly referred to as Exceptional Friends of the Bazaar. Subscribe and receive a new, stand-alone, premium story every month from some of the finest writers in games. Also receive an increased hand to draw stories from, double the actions, and access to two premier locations: exclusive members' club The House of Chimes, and Mr Chimes' Lost and Found, where you can exchange currency for rare items and companions.


Use your keyboard's arrow keys to cycle through each screenshot. Use the tab keys to highlight a screenshot in order to interact with it.


The bestest best words in all of gaming.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Superlative… every bit as vividly drawn as the worlds built by Rockstar in Red Dead Redemption, or Irrational in Bioshock, or Supergiant in Bastion.

Tom Chick

This is hands-down one of the best browser games we’ve ever played


Fallen London is an anomaly today. It’s a free-to-play, text-based browser game… it’s an open-world RPG that subsists mostly on the written word to spin bizarre tales… and it’s an adventure game that encourages imagination in its players rather than illustrate every scene on screen, as players fill in the blanks of their tales with spirited recreations of their journey in their heads.


Press releases & assets

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