A first look at Zubmariner

By Hannah Flynn, October 15, 2015 · Sunless Sea Zubmariner

Hello, delicious friends!

We’re working on our first piece of DLC for Sunless Sea, Zubmariner. We’re now ready to share some glimpses of the world beneath the Unterzee. We’re a bit giddy. Hold our clammy hand, would you?

Below the waves

Beneath the water, as above, you’ll find a number of story-laden ports to visit and zee-beasts to encounter.

Wrack, the City of Delights

One such port is the underwater city of Wrack: an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication.

Concept art for Wrack (click any image for a bigger version)

The Thalatte

Concept art for the Thalatte

The Thalatte is an exposed-looking collection of wattled and shining organs, like a half-completed vivisection, with a fanged orifice at the front. This orifice applies a force which draws your Zubmarine towards it. The Thalatte can move rapidly, ram, and expectorate gobbets of vile fluid.


Lights in the darkness

Your Zubmarine’s prow light can’t match the oppressive darkness. Things lurk outside of its beam. Some of them are glowing. Some of them aren’t.

These screenshots are early ideas of how the seabed will look, and the kinds of things you might encounter:

A bio-luminescent zee-beast 


Glowing coral


We hope this taste has whetted your appetite! Please tell us what you think in the comments. What are you looking forward to? What would you like to know more about? Wait – what was that, overhead?

Your friends,

Failbetter Games

P.S. The Gamers Edition print of Demeaux’s Navigational Chart of the Known Unterzee has sold out! If there’s enough demand we’re hoping to get another run done by Christmas. There will be regular news about any reprints on twitter @failbettergames.

The Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps print is still available! You can also get all manner of Neathy delights in the Fallen London store. Shirts, phone cases, bags and more.


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Trevor Cooper Apr 25, 2:22am

This looks very eerie and epic. Keep up the diligent work guys. Any word on the price for this? If you don't want to divulge that information to us lowly souls, I completely understand. I'm just of an inquisitive sort.

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Hannah Flynn Dec 16, 3:47pm

We won't do one for a while, but keep your eyes peeled next year!

boocat Dec 11, 2:48am

I found out about the navigation chart giclee poster ten days after I couldn't order one! I want one if you ever do another run of them.

Mike Nov 30, 7:20pm

It's been a while without news, so I had almost given up hope for Zubmariner. Glad to see the project is still alive! Can't wait for new content in one of my favourite games of all times, although I had hoped to hear more from the Elder Continent as well. :-)

Chris Nov 14, 8:39pm

Happy to hear about your progress!

Daniel Nov 13, 2:30pm

will there be undersea cities? abandoned or not. Love your game. Looking forward to the dlc. Greetings from Spain!

Frazer Townsley Nov 12, 10:34pm

The dlc looks good and spooky, hope there are named mobs

ScytheMD Oct 26, 1:07am

God I've been hanging out for my next trip into the sunless depths and this is looking like it'll live up to the expectations the game has provided me with and I just can't wait! Keep up the good work we'll all be standing on the pier ready to hold our breath when it arrives

Feuermagier Oct 25, 9:37am

How about air instead or in addition to terror ?

Dan Oct 20, 3:14pm

I'm so excited, I've checked the forums constantly almost every week for an announcement and it's finally here. Thank you guys for all your hard work!

VK Oct 19, 1:42pm

Looks awesome. Also, I'd like to point out what many other people mentioned and are thinking about - the surfacing. I do not know how you, people, are handling this, but, please, let me share some possibilities that I see: 1. The unter-unterzee is fully connected with the regular unterzee. The maps fit each other and, of course, one can be bigger/smaller of some other shape than the other. A zubmarine can surface almost anywhere. 2. The unter-unterzee is partially connected with the regular unterzee and the two are mostly separated by the hard layer of stone/coral/whatever. A zubmarine can surface only in some special places. 3. There are many levels beneath the unterzee. They vary in shapes and sizes and are connected in all funny manners with each other. There are some places where a zubmarine can surface. The deeper you the scarcer they become. p.s: apart from fuel and supplies you also have to buy air or compress it yourself when and where possible.

fenouille Oct 19, 1:31pm

OH-MY ... Can't wait ! A french fan

Andy Oct 19, 11:10am

A sonar would be really nice, perhaps as a ship upgrade. And surfacing because of changing/charging air would be a cool feature.

David Oct 19, 7:19am

Incredibly excited by this new expansion! Also? I need to keep up, that Demaux Navigational Chart? I had no idea you were doing print runs. Will gladly snag one should it ever become available again.

Farore Oct 18, 8:15pm

I'm curious who lives in Wrack. Drownies? Rubbery men? A race of tiny, aquatic people who sing happy songs while they mine coral for nourishment?

Lozosaurus Oct 17, 2:21pm

SO exciting! Looks beautiful and can't wait to play!

Jabberwok Oct 17, 1:57am

The Thalatte looks frightening. Will there be any handling of depth in the game? I assume it is top-down, so I was curious how that might work, or if it's just ignored...

Hannah Flynn Oct 16, 9:26am

Happily, we're making technical changes and updates to the core game too. What trouble are you having with the graphical settings?

Androssi Oct 16, 3:18am

Looking forward to the undersea beasts...more danger, more fun!

the truthseeker Oct 15, 11:24pm

You had me at "Wrack." (My apologies to "Say Anything")

Sir Aster Oct 15, 6:48pm

That's quite lovely and all, but perhaps a trifle... premature? One doesn't mean to be a bother, but there are still some glaring issues in the original game, which ought be taken care of. For instance, perhaps you might find the time to make the graphical settings actually work?

ViolentSleep Oct 15, 4:55pm

I am so psyched for this. Can't wait for it to be released so I can grab it!

Christian Oct 15, 3:30pm

Can't wait!

Victor Oct 15, 3:23pm

Very exciting! I assume you won't be able to surface the sub, since it's likely an entirely separate map that won't line up with the regular one. One can dream though! A bit of a submarine nerd here, It would be all kinds of creepy if you had a hydrophone, so you could turn off the lights to go completely stealth mode and just listen in a direction for the sounds of scary underwater beasts. Aside from the obvious of being underwater, what kind of typical submarine things can we expect?