A New Festive Tale Available for Fate!

By Haley Uyrus, December 20, 2016 · Fallen London

The Empress’ Shadow, a brand new festive Premium Story by Emily Short!


Teach at Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School! Recruit students and train them in important skills, such as deportment and maiming. Then send the class to plunder the secrets of the Empress’ Shadow – Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, who is visiting from the surface!

The Empress’ Shadow will be available beginning 23rd December for 35 Fate. Begin this story at The Empress’ Shadow: A Royal Barge at Wolfstack Docks, available throughout London during the festive season.

If you’d like to learn more about fate of the Empress’ family, another holiday tale, The Gift, is also available to purchase. A festive favourite from years past, the Gift is a tale of terror, aberration, and the horrors beneath the Palace, by Chris Gardiner.

The Gift is available for 30 Fate, and you can find it via Explore the Festive Season, available throughout London.



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sprightlyoaf Dec 27, 11:56pm

Wonderful - thanks so much!

Hannah Flynn Dec 22, 4:57pm

This is referring to the story being available on a festive card. After Christmas ends, the story will be available from the Fate page. :)

sprightlyoaf Dec 21, 8:08am

Does "during the festive season" mean the story become unavailable to purchase after a certain point?

Zyzzyva Dec 20, 5:44pm

Ooooh, interesting, Kaiserin Vicky! :D