Election 1895: Polls Leaked!

By Haley Uyrus, July 3, 2017 · Fallen London

Polls leaked! Feducci gallops ahead, but will his arrogance be his undoing? The Detective trails behind. Will purging her ranks of the corrupt and brutal give room for new support? And though the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner holds her course, her chances seem slim; but now that the pariahs of London society have found self-belief and speak of her old kindnesses, might there be an unexpected swell of support before the end of Election?


Today marks the halfway point of the 1895 Election. You may find that the final week of Election has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Starting today, our newest electoral social activity, Debates, will begin. This new mode of competitive play will allow players another way of further empowering their vote from 10 to 15. Challenge those who support a different candidate to your own via the Organising a Political Debate card, available throughout London.

Also, this Wednesday 5th July, poses to be a day full of excitement. One of the goals of the Fallen London Reworks project is to experiment and improve social actions within Fallen London. Debates, for example, is one of the experiments. The 5th of July will be another:

On this day, for a 24 hour period (from 12:00pm-12:00pm BST), Agitators will be able to target anyone who has the quality Notorious. Starting from today, Persons of Some Importance have a chance of gaining this quality any time they complete either a Election Flash Lay or a Case. If a player becomes marked, they can then become a target of an Agitator during this period.

However, players can only be denoted as Notorious once. If you complete multiple Election Flash Lays or Cases, you will not gain any more Notoriety. After you are targeted by a Mob, you will lose your Notoriety, meaning you cannot be targeted again. If you complete another Election Flash Lay or Case during this 24 hour period, however, you will be eligible for another attack.

The data from this experiment will allow us to adjust and improve social activities for the next Election.

With only a week left in the Election, our three daring candidates will need all your support!

Posters are also still available on Gametee until 31st of July!

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