Election 1895: Statistics

By Failbetter, July 26, 2017 · Fallen London

The Election of 1895 brought to power Fallen London’s second mayor and we couldn’t wait to see how it would unfold.

Once again, the winning candidate lead both weeks of Election. During the second week, Feducci’s lead waned by 4%. Unlike the Election of 1894 though, the final vote in 1895 was far more evenly split between candidates, especially between the two runners-up.



During this period of political campaigning, players could choose between three different career types in order to support their candidate:

  • The Campaigner: Leaflets and rosettes, shouting and posters. The Campaigner is part foot-soldier, part strategist.
  • The Fixer: Hints and nudges, velvet glove and iron fist. The Fixer arranges matters just so, sweeping obstacles from the path to victory.
  • The Agitator: Pressure and pamphlets, vitriol and rotten vegetables. The Agitator harries and harasses the opponent’s campaign.

Once again Fixers proved the most popular career type, with 51%an increase from 49% last year. Throughout the festival 7.7% of players switched careers at least once, which is over double the amount that switched from the previous year.


Career levels could be raised to 20, and Campaigners rallied hard to almost match the number of career-maxed Fixers.


The breakdown between the candidates by career type showed that the Implacable Detective claimed the most Fixers and the least Agitators, while the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner shared a pretty even split of Campaigners as well as Fixers. It’s no surprise that Feducci’s crew had the highest percentage of Agitators at 19%, and the fewest amount of Campaigners.


In the previous Election, career level and Notability were tallied together to calculate the max contribution a player could rally towards their chosen candidate. In 1895, we added much more social play to the festival. Any time a player entered a Debate or performed the new social career actions, they earned a currency that could be spent to increase their Influencing the Election. Thus, in the 1895 Election, the maximum amount of contribution they could earn for their chosen candidate was 50 (20 Career + 15 Notability + 15 Influencing the Election).



Surprisingly, in quite a turn from last year, it wasn’t the leading candidate who had the most max contributors, but the runner up. The Detective claimed nearly half of all max contributors, while Feducci only claimed a fourth!

     CareerSocial         MaxSocial

On the career level, Campaigners wracked up the most Influencing the Election points. Meanwhile, the candidates held a fairly even split of socially lead support.

During the duration of the festival, 9.9% of players switched candidates at least once, which is an increase from those who switched last Election. Most of those who switched, switched to the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner.

We look forward to the drastic measures Feducci will undertake to even the odds for all Londoners. We’d like to once again open up discussion on our forum for which other characters of the Neath you’d like to see throw their exceptional hats in the ring.

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Sam Norrey Jul 26, 3:03pm

Erm, this is nice, but how come the "Max Contributors" chart only adds up to 90%? That's a bit too much for rounding error...