Election 1896

By Haley Uyrus, June 18, 2018 · Fallen London

Delicious friends, a full year has passed: Election begins today! Feducci is through and a new mayor will be chosen! We cordially invite you to Fallen London’s third official Election.

“A hustings stands in Hastings Square, festooned with bright banners and garish posters. Some depict the amiable grin of Mr Slowcake, others the crowned head of the Captivating Princess, others still the white smile of the Jovial Contrarian.”


The Election is free and is open to all players. It will begin today, Monday 18th June and end on the 2nd of July. Mr Huffam will be polling people throughout Election and releasing the results periodically via the main Election card.


Whether Campaigner, Fixer or Agitator, your efforts will be required. Advance your Career from the main Election card. At the end of the Election, your combined Election Career level and Notability will be counted towards whichever candidate you chose to support!

And as this is politics, the strength of your Reputation is everything. Gain Reputation through the Further your Reputation card in your Opportunity Deck. Reputation can be spent to advance your Career, gather information on the three candidates, and to acquire useful items.

Calling in Favours can also increase your Reputation, and each Career type can call on different factions:

Campaigner: Society, Bohemian, Hell, Constables, Church, Great Game
Fixer: Society, Hell, Urchins, Tomb-Colonists, Revolutionaries, Great Game
Agitator: Rubbery Men, Bohemians, Criminals, Urchins, Docks, Revolutionaries


Use the first week of Election to find out about the candidates and their platforms via The Mayoral Election 1896 storylet. This year’s brave contenders are: Mr Slowcake, The Jovial Contrarian, and The Captivating Princess.

At the start of the second week, Monday the 25th of June, you’ll be able able cast your vote! We look forward to seeing who wins your loyalty.


On the 2nd of July, Mr Huffam will announce which candidate has been successful!

The elected Mayor will reign for one year, after which another election will be held. The winning candidate will have a Mayoral influence in your Opportunity Deck until next year’s election, so be certain to investigate all their platforms vigorously.


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