Election 1896: A Winner Announced!

By Haley Uyrus, July 2, 2018 · Fallen London

You’ve campaigned, fixed and agitated. You’ve finessed and used your Reputation. And most importantly, you’ve voted! All the votes have been tallied. London has decided:

There’s nothing contrary about the statistics, The Jovial Contrarian has won! His eyes are bright with champagne and excitement. “So much to do! First off, getting my headquarters set up for a proper war footing. In a manner of speaking,” he winks extravagantly. “People to thank, hopes to dash, information to burn, you know how it is. And then prepare for a nasty fight with the Ministry.”


Now that Election 1896 has come to a close, there’ll be a brief transitional period as a new mayoral residence is set up and The Jovial Contrarian can settle in his newly won offices.

Once fully situated, a mayoral Jovial Contrarian card will become available within your Opportunity Deck. As the third official mayor of Fallen London, you may hear news of their work crop up from time to time during their year in power.

Look for the An Electoral Opportunity throughout London and speak to your candidate to wrap up any loose ends. You will have till 9th July to use up any leftover Reputation.

As always, we appreciate hearing who you think should run for Mayor of Fallen London next year – keep an eye out for the official Proposed Candidates for 1897 forum thread. Statistics on the Election will be released within the next few weeks so we can see how the votes and Careers played out.

Thank you for your political tenacity, delicious friends.



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N0va fortuna Jul 8, 3:29am

I would prefer if the new mayor would do something about the masters. We should not be forced to bow down and pay heavy taxes to beings who we have no idea what they are.

kieran ryle Jul 4, 6:48am

I'm rather sad truthfully, not with our new mayor but rather I never got to participate in this election as I forgot to pledge my support, meaning all this season I was twirling my thumbs instead of helping to elect our new mayor.

Serpenta Jul 4, 4:17am

The Northbound Parlimentarian would be an interesting candidate. She has political background and would be a fairly safe choice, but one has to wonder just how far she'd go for knowledge.

Duke Dashing Jul 3, 2:08am

I'm not sure where the official candidate thread is, but my hopes for next year's candidates are: 1. The rubbery entrepreneur 2. The manager of the beth (or maybe the villainous doctor Orthos!) 3. Jasper, Frank, or Lyme (as a puppet of the masters) Other fun candidates could be the Topsy King, Duchess, or Widow. (Though the King or Widow could be difficult, being criminals and all)

Harold Arkendt Jul 2, 7:06pm

I, for one, am quite glad the Contrarian one Quite glad Especially after what I have learned But still I will strive to elevate myself in the eye of the public Even if it all seems like a farce

Jake Konyndyk Jul 2, 4:47pm

Welp, time for all of the Contrarian's supporters to start protesting against him, it is what he would want.