Election 1896 Candidate: The Captivating Princess

By Haley Uyrus, June 18, 2018 · Fallen London

Feducci’s term is through! London requires a new Mayor! Whom will you support?

Her Highness, the Empress’ daughter, has entered the race. This presents a variety of constitutional difficulties. When questioned about this, the Captivating Princess merely smiles.


She is determined to restore London to its former magnificence. A city to delight the eye, the ear, the appetite. It’s not surprise her motto is: “Make London Magnificent For Me.” Her jewel-studded campaign trail is easy to follow. This is because she travels in a very large gilded sedan, carried by six of Benthic College’s burliest rowers.

The Captivating Princess announced her candidacy from the balcony of the Shuttered Palace, in a show of defiance to constitutional norms, separation of crown and state, and good taste.

Use the first week of London to investigate The Captivating Princess and the other candidates, as well as their platforms. More information on Election 1896 can be found in the Main Announcement thread.

Want to learn more about this candidate?

We’d recommend the the premium story, The Gift by Chris Gardiner, or last year’s premium story The Marriage of Feducci by Cash DeCuir. If you’re also a skyfaring captain, you may find her as The Incognito Princess officer in Sunless Skies.

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