Election 1896 to Begin 18th June

By Failbetter, June 4, 2018 · Fallen London

Citizens of the Neath, Mayor Feducci’s term is almost up! Election 1896 will begin 18th June!


Election is a free festival open to all players. Starting Monday 18th June, players will have two weeks to bolster support for a candidate of their choosing.

The 1896 Election will see some slight structural changes in accordance with Mr Huffam’s Second Revised Rules of Electioneering:

  • The candidates running will be announced at the beginning of the festival on the 18th of June
  • The first week of Election will focus on learning about the candidates and leveling up your political career through Reputation
  • Reputation will be gained through the main Election opportunity card. Trade items, Favours, and take part in particular political activities to gain Reputation in your chosen career
  • Certain Favours will correspond to different political careers (these will be announced when Election begins)
  • During week two, you’ll be able to cast your vote (your progress for both weeks will count towards your vote), continue to advance your career to support your candidate, and even change your vote or career if someone else has won you over

We’ll also be polling people throughout Election and releasing the results via the main Election card. Much more information will be revealed once the festival begins. We look forward to seeing who you’ll choose, delicious friends.

If you’re interested to see how things fared in previous Elections, a Historical Account can be found on the Fallen London Wiki.


Note for FBG Forum users: Please remember that all fine and proper Election announcements and discussions occur only within the Election Sub-Forum, thank you




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Debanjan Dey Jun 7, 3:57am

Hoping this year's candidates are well balanced. Feducci's win last year could be seen a mile ahead, given that his presence in most player's careers was disproportionately higher than the other two. Nevertheless, Elections are my favorite seasonal event, given the complexity of social interactions. Also looking forward to some new Election items!

Commander Dalton Jun 5, 9:28pm

Quite good, democracy is the Heart of our wonderful nation!

Porrima Jun 4, 9:36pm

I said this two years ago, and one year ago, and say it again - please choose candidates that will make this a fight. While anyone can be smart in hindsight, I knew before the elections that Jenny and Fedex are going to win their elections, and they did. Why? Because while in a "real", realistic Fallen London populated by "real" victorian english people the votes would have been divided reasonably well between all candidates, people playing this game are not victorian english people, and will not, in great enough numbers, vote for e.g. a religious candidate or a puritan for that matter.

Weezel Jun 4, 8:25pm

Would we be correct in assuming that there will still be a chance to get some of the coveted items so generously released last election?