Election 1896: Voting Now Open!

By Haley Uyrus, June 25, 2018 · Fallen London

Today marks the halfway point of this year’s Mayoral Election!

Mr Huffam has been polling the public on their thoughts about our dear candidates and the first results are in! Find how the other polls turned out in the dailies.


Now that you’ve had some time to learn about each candidate’s platform, we invite you to cast your vote! Each candidate will reward their supporters with a gift for their efforts.

Your combined Election Career level and Notability will be counted towards your chosen candidate, and a winner will be announced next Monday, 2nd July!

If you uncover any new information about your candidate that may sway you to another, it’s possible to change your vote (for the cost of 10 Reputation), but be sure to decide before the votes are tallied on the 2nd of July.

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