Failbetter Writing Role: More questions!

By Failbetter, September 19, 2014 · Failbetter

Oof! That job post provoked a healthy degree of interest. Thanks for being so enthusiastic! Here are some popular questions.

Q. Does traditional linear fiction count for the published work criterion?

We’re afraid not. We really need someone who’s dealt with the specific challenges of branching or interactive or non-linear fiction. The acid test is probably: do players/readers encounter different words (spoken or written) in a different order depending on their actions? If so, then we’re good.

Q. Should I be familiar with StoryNexus?

Lord no. Familiarity would be a small advantage, but if you’ve used Inform 7 or Twine or ChoiceScript or Undum or the NWN scenario editor or inklewriter or any of a hundred proprietary in-house tools… you’ll be familiar with the basic challenges.

Q. So if I’m new to the field but publish two commercial works before you pick someone, I’m in with a chance!

Yes – that’s why we pre-advertised. If you’ve never done anything like this before, you probably won’t get the job – you’re not buying a lottery ticket, quality is what counts. But if you’ve done good non-commercial work and know what you’re doing, sure, get something published quickly, it’s worth a punt.

Q. I work for a big developer. What about pay and conditions?

We can’t compete on free saunas and skiing trips, but if we can’t match or improve on your salary, we won’t hire you. We like to hire for the long term. (In five years, no-one has ever resigned from a Failbetter role.)

Q. Can you sponsor a work visa?

You must be able to interview in and move to the UK, but yes, we’ll sponsor a visa if we think you’re the best candidate. Like we said, key role.

Q. So this Interactive Fiction Meetup you’re hosting in October…

…is a coincidence, not a stealth-interview. But if you’re interested, you should totally feel free to turn up and sound out me (Alexis) or other Failbetters on what we like and whether you’d suit.

Q. You say you’ve got good office views. Of what?

I think the answer might be ‘the future’.


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