Fallen London Redesign FAQ

By Hannah Flynn, June 5, 2018 · Fallen London

O hello! What’s all this then?
We’ve updated the look of Fallen London and added some shiny new functionality, delicious friend.

Can I change back to the old version?
Sadly not. We’re so proud of this new look and have worked on it for a long time, with the feedback and help of our delightful, dedicated community. The shock of the new will fade, and we hope you’ll find that the changes have all been for the better. All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.

Why change Fallen London?
Fallen London was in need of an update, for a few reasons:

  • We’re now using HTTPS throughout the site for additional security
  • We hadn’t updated the look of Fallen London since 2009, so for the game’s long-term health it needed a lick of paint!
  • We wanted to improve the mobile play experience, which will in turn open Fallen London up to new audiences and – crucially – mean we’re only maintaining one product (we recently retired our mobile apps to this end)

We hope that we’ve done just the right amount to make it look modern and appealing to new audiences while also solving some of the issues that players have long held, especially when playing on mobile.

What exactly is different?
The main thing which you’ll hopefully enjoy is that Fallen London will now respond if you’re playing on mobile, and pop into a nifty mobile mode. Less misclicks, more readability! (In fact, there are a number of levels of responsiveness depending on your window size, which you’ll discover if you play in a resized window on a desktop.)

The important things haven’t changed: Fallen London is still free, you’ll still get festivals and new content, and Exceptional Friendship works the same way as before.

You can find more detail on the changes on the forums, in the announcement thread, and Lesleyann has posted a look back through the project so you can see where decisions were made and how we came to them.

What happens next?
We’ll be monitoring performance and working through some post-launch updates, some of which are things we already know we want to include, but doubtless you lovely lot will unearth bugs we weren’t able to find during the beta! We’re also preparing your next festival, Election, coming on 18 June.

I have thoughts/questions/I found a bug
Please email Thank you!


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Jamit Oct 3, 1:17am

I really like the artwork that's found around FL. That said, selling things at The Bazaar is a pretty significant hassle. I've been playing this game and enjoying it for a few years now. The main complaint that I have is selling things. It's was much more easier to sell items when entering in a number of items to sell when it was possible to enter a number, rather than using the +/- 1-10 system of adjusting the amount rather than simply entering a number. Again, I enjoy the artwork to be found around FL, especially when visiting other parts of the city. That's my .02 Echos. Regards, Jamit.

Vice Oct 2, 9:01pm

This new redesign is terrible, effort does not directly translate into quality. You should give us a way to revert back to the old format because this new one is unintuitive and a visual mess. Thank you for your attention