Fallen London Website Redesign Update – 14 June

By Haley Uyrus, June 14, 2018 · Fallen London

We’ve been continuing work this week on the site redesign, and we’d like to share some information with you about where we’re currently up to.

We’ve found that there are some performance issues with the new site (involving gradually accumulating API requests that run indefinitely) that weren’t identified during our internal testing or closed beta, because they’re only really noticeable with a much larger group of places.

We want to fix these before we roll out the redesign again, since they cause some significant issues for our servers and because we think they were the proximate cause of many of the issues last week with branches and quality bonuses from equipment not displaying.

We’re not sure yet exactly how long that will take, because at this point we still don’t have a full understanding of the problem – in the mean time, you’ll still be able to play on the new site at, and we’ll let you know more once we’re as confident as we can be with only a smaller pool of beta players that we’ve gotten to the bottom of these issues.

Many thanks to everyone who’s sent us feedback and bug reports so far – we hope you’ll bear with us as we continue to work on this!

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Cachalot Jun 25, 1:46am

I tried the beta version and it looks amazing! I was sad to find out the app is closed but it had its flaws. Seeing the new website helped me overcome the sorrow of losing the app version! Love your work! Any progress so far? I could access to the beta site a couple of days ago but now it's redirecting me to the old version. Hope you guys get all the bugs fixed!