Fallen London Website Update

By Failbetter, February 16, 2018 · Fallen London

For the past few months our tech team have been diligently working on rehauling the Fallen London website. Fallen London’s been running for about 8 years and the architecture of the website has changed very little since its launch, so we’re extremely excited to bring it to a more modern state!


The most pronounced and exciting change will be an update of the face of Fallen London! The website will be receiving an update in its UI and also some of its visuals.

  • Other updates include:
  • A much better experience on mobile browsers
  • Tech updates such as bringing the whole site to HTTPS!
  • Reorganisation of the Myself tab to make finding information about your character easier
  • General improvements to the overall user experience of the website

Barring any belligerent bugs, we’re hoping to put the updates live in 2-3 months time. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to give everyone at least a week’s heads up once we’re close. Once the initial revamp is live, we’ll be focusing on fine-tuning the mobile responsiveness work.

We can’t wait to share the redesign with you! Throughout this process, feel free to send any feedback to


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alex Apr 22, 8:23am

this sounds interesting as long as the usability stay or becomes better i will be extremely happy

EdSylv Feb 27, 2:35pm

Hi guys. Any chance of Soundtrack implementation for the site? Pleasepleaseplease ^^

James Nox Feb 20, 10:19am

Hopefully it will be easier to find your current Favours and Renown values!

Michelle Feb 19, 10:28pm

One feature I would love to see on the revamped site is the Sunless Sea music that enriched the app so much! I haven't used the app in a long time (so I am not too heart-broken to see it be retired; the manual syncing was a hassle and on my older phone the layout/displaying of images didn't work well at all) - but the music was the one big advantage it had to the browser version! (Simply using FL on a mobile browser seems like a sufficient substitute to the app to me.) So I would love to have that music option again come the website update. Kind regards, a long-time (5-6 years?) resident of Fallen London

Salanth Feb 19, 9:25pm

Marvelous news! I never used the app anyway since I prefer to play on a laptop, and the update to the website looks great and most welcome.

SpellingSword Feb 19, 9:08pm

Keep the candles please, I much prefer them to a simple counter

Gruntled Dissident Feb 19, 5:51pm

I don't understand the modern facsination with rounded edges and cicrlces. You've cut of the corners for all that extra space, and now it just looks empty. The UI was part of the narrow, harrowing experience of Fallen London, away from the shiny modernity of the Story Nexus, and now it looks as though you're drving for the same destination. A narrow streeted London is best show in a narrow UI. This update, while appriciated in thought, seems to denote a needless aesthetic change.

Anih Feb 19, 5:36pm

Thanks. Finally you guys have realized that mobile app just isn't working and decided to let it go.