On Fallen London fan works

As long as fan works (by which we mean creative products set in the Fallen London universe such as fan fiction, artwork, blogs, podcasts, fanvids, wikis and so forth) follow these guidelines, we’re not going to make a big deal of it.

Here’s what we ask from you:

  1. Don’t make money from fan works without our prior approval. (This does not include YouTube Let’s Play or review videos. We are happy for monetized review channels to feature our games.)
  2. Please include the following statement in a reasonably prominent manner:  “Fallen London is © 2015 and ™ Failbetter Games Limited: www.fallenlondon.com.  This is an unofficial fan work.”
  3. You may use Fallen London and Sunless Sea assets, such as their logos and artwork (but not other Failbetter Games assets, or the soundtrack recordings), in your fan work – within reason.  We reserve the right to take appropriate action if you overstep the mark! See also our remarks on the difference between guidance and spoilers.
  4. You own your fan work (apart from the pre-existing parts which you derived from the Fallen London universe, e.g. artwork or characters, which remain our property) and you’re responsible for it.
  5. Please do not impersonate Fallen London characters or use Fallen London characters, places or other names as your in-game name or as your account name in social media or elsewhere online.
  6. These guidelines are separate to the StoryNexus terms and conditions, which will apply separately to you if you want to use StoryNexus in your fan works.
  7. The team don’t usually read or link to fan fiction, to safeguard against the small but nuclear possibility of someone claiming we’ve used their original idea, and suing us.  Just to be clear: we do not owe you anything regarding your fan works.
  8. These guidelines apply only to the Fallen London universe and not to any of our other work (e.g. Dragon Age: the Last Court, which belongs to BioWare).

If you’re unsure of any of this, or have a project in mind which you think might blur the lines between canon and fanon, please email enquiries@failbettergames.com and ask first.

(last updated: 18th May 2015)