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By Hannah Flynn, February 22, 2016 · Failbetter Fundbetter Incubations

Today we’re launching Fundbetter, a fund for independent narrative games and interactive fiction.

We want to pay our luck forward, and support game designers and writers from all kinds of backgrounds: first-timers, veteran game makers, LGBT+ and black and minority ethnic creators, people whose backgrounds are in linear fiction, theatre, radio, TV and film.

We’re open-minded on the meaning of ‘narrative’ and ‘game,’ though we’re most excited by text-centric projects. Your idea could be a game with a strong linear storyline; a choice-based narrative using Twine or a similar technology; a piece of parser-based interactive fiction; a card game where story emerges from the mechanics; or a dozen other things we haven’t thought of.

Fundbetter is a rolling fund for projects in the £2,000-£20,000 range, though larger amounts are available for projects with matched or Kickstarter funding. It’s project-based investment, so if the initial investment is never recouped, the creator is free to move on.

Harry Tuffs was the first developer to be funded by Failbetter, for his game A House of Many Doors, which will be released this summer. He says: “Failbetter are the industry’s most passionate and formidable supporter of narrative in games. Their funding elevated A House of Many Doors to a level I never thought possible.”

Interested parties can find out more and apply at!


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