Join us for an AMA just after Sunless Sea leaves Early Access!

By Hannah Flynn, February 6, 2015 · Sunless Sea

We’ll be doing an AMA in r/IamA at just about 5:30pm GMT using the account failbettergames, with assorted other Failbetters joining in. See you there!


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Alexis Kennedy Feb 10, 11:46am

This is lovely - thank you!

Luke Feb 10, 6:44am

I play a lot of videogames. All the time. My whole life. And I struggle to finish many, sadly enough. I also find myself in awe of rather large games but rarely seem to stay intrigued enough to seek out everything. I'm also a lover of books, especially large winding ones with footnotes and endnotes galore. This game you've created, (and yes I dabble in Fallen London as well, but) this ocean you've gifted us is a most wondrous thing. It keeps me up at night. I am truly at a loss for words. We all live in a richer and more beautiful world for it. Something has changed in the Neath, indeed.

Learoy Feb 7, 10:00pm

Guys, you're great. I've started a new career in the Sunless Sea yesterday and lost myself in the zea completely. Thank you very much, delicious ones :). Good luck and great sales!