Mysteries: marking and rewards

By Hannah Flynn, July 12, 2018 · Fallen London

On the 17th of July – next Tuesday, probably around noon – we will be closing the Mysteries, putting to rest only the second round of Neathy investigations in Fallen London’s history.

To join in the fun, visit the Mysteries tab (whilel logged in to Fallen London) and take a guess at the questions therein.

Last time there were some 400,000 answers, which necessitated a mixture of bulk marking and hand-decoding. We expect to use the same approach to marking the new ones, to account for things like misspellings and errant punctuation, edge cases and comedy variants: initially establishing common variations on the correct answers and then using the Fallen London database to assign points to everyone in bulk. So, if you’ve made a game attempt to spell everything correctly then you should be assured of points where you were correct, even if you’re a little off; if you’ve gone for more gnomic answers or comedy entries on every question, your mileage will most definitely vary.

We imagine this will be done within a month of the Mysteries closing, and we will of course release the answers and a selection of the wittiest reponses for your enjoyment.

Rewards will be available to players with points to spend; some will be new.

We hope you enjoy the revelations!

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